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Tufo sealant, Conti tire(2 posts)

Tufo sealant, Conti tireJimP
Jan 30, 2002 7:17 AM
Yesterday I got a pinhole leak in a fairly new Conti Sprinter tire. Since I don't normally fix tubular tires, I didn't want to pull it apart. I had some Tufo sealant from last year's folly with Tufo tires and put some of it into the Conti. It has sealed the hole but how long will it last? Anyone else tried this? I won't be able to ride outside on this tire for several days since the weather has changed and we are back to winter but I will report on the success or lack thereof.
well, I've used slime...ohio
Jan 31, 2002 9:41 AM
... and it will seal up the tire for pretty much it's regular life, inless it's a tear or gash style puncture. I had a shard of glass in a tubular that made a cut maybe 1/8" long. It sealed it totally at first, but riding on it wore back the rubber around the gash and I think split the casing a little more and after just a couple of rides it stopped holding air. Still, I was impressed considering the pressure and the isze of the cut. If the tufo stuff is similar to slime, then I don't think the pinhole will cause you any problems.

I now ride with slime as precaution for commuting, rather than an after-the-fact fix.