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American classic post(4 posts)

American classic postColnagoFE
Jan 28, 2002 1:03 PM
anyone know offhand what size allen key to use in the height adjustment screw on a standard AL American Classic road post? I can't seem to find the right size in my "all in one" set. One too big and the other too small.
3.0 mm works...DMoore
Jan 28, 2002 4:31 PM
although the fit is a little loose. Remember that this bolt should be adjusted with no tension on it - so there's no danger of stripping anything. Adjust the litlle bolt, then tighten the big one. It usually takes me several tries to get it exactly right. If you try to adjust the little one without backing off the big one first, I think you're in danger of damaging it.
re: American classic postcurlybike
Jan 29, 2002 4:41 PM
Make sure that you are diligent about periodic cleaning of the seatpost. AC has a tendency to freeze in the seat tube if you let it go too long. Don't forget to lube!
I noticed thatColnagoFE
Feb 1, 2002 7:35 AM
The "big bolt" was pretty gunked up from road debris. Gonna tear it apart as soon as it warms up here a bit and grease it well.