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105 Shifter maintenance(2 posts)

105 Shifter maintenanceMeMyselfandI
Jan 27, 2002 7:27 PM
After a little more than a year of use, my shifters just don't work the way they used to. Is there a hole in the shifter body somplace for a shot of lube to smoothen things out?
re: 105 Shifter maintenancepa rider
Jan 28, 2002 3:34 AM
I have a 105 on my 2001 cannondale R600. I have over 7000 miles and mine shift well. I would look at the cable housing to see if you got a correct length. Then put a new cable on the shifter.

I only replaced one cable on the four road bikes I ever own, but usually try a new cable and housing before I would start blaming the shifter. You could probably spray out the hole where you put your cable in.

I usually put a light coating of grease on the cable head to give it some lubication. Normally you have these probrems on MTB because we ride in the mud and the Ferrals (caps that cover the end of the cable housing) get gunked up.

That's why I'm saying to check your cable housing. I notice some new bikes don't get the proper cable lengths when they build the bikes up. Did you put a different stem on or a new handle bar? This could make your old cable housing tighter and your shifting bad.

My friend put a carbon handle bar on last month and then start complaining that his bike won't shift right. We notice right away that his housing was tighter now compare to his old bars. He got new housing, for the correct length, and his shifter problems went away.

Hope this helps.