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Anyone try the SLR TA yet??(3 posts)

Anyone try the SLR TA yet??CT1
Jan 25, 2002 7:26 PM
Anyone got their butt on an SLR TA yet??? FWIW: I had an SLR early last year and hated it because it was really "rounded up" in the prostrate area and felt quite narrow in the rear. The new SLR TA has the center cut out so maybe this will fix center "problem" ..... ???

Bottom line here.... has anyone done a real life comparison between the standard SLR with the SLR TA and or The regular TA. BTW: I'm a big fan of the regular flight TA. It's a real pig at close to 270 gms though.

Beuller.... Beuller.

rounded up??str8dum1
Jan 28, 2002 9:21 AM
my slr is completely flat with no rounding. the TA is the SLR with the feminine lip cutout. I dont understand what rounded up part you are referring to so i cant tell you if you'll like the TA. its pretty much the same as far as i can feel.
rounded up??CT1
Jan 28, 2002 1:02 PM
My SLR was somewhat convex shaped through the middle portion of the last. Every other saddle I've looked at or used was either flat or slightly concave shaped. My SLR was also rather rounded in the rear which didn't suit me to well. I dumped the SLR after one 40 mile ride.

I'm just curious if the new TA version is any wider/flater in the rear area. The cutout should "fix" the middle portion.