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Selle Italia Octavia + numbness(3 posts)

Selle Italia Octavia + numbnessflybyvine
Jan 23, 2002 2:16 AM
I have been using the Selle Italia Octavia on both my race and commuter bikes and besides feeling hard (which I can live with) thgey had suited me well until recently where during long straight TT sections I have started experiencing penile numbness. Yep - felt like my name was Bobbett !

I have a Flite Ti that I have hardly used. It seems a bit more cushy than the Octavia but I haven't really had it on a long straight ride.

Any ideas exactly where the pressure is ocurring and any alternative saddles I could try that may solve my problem ? (although I love everyones personal favourites - if anyone has a specific saddle solution it would be great).

Ever wonder why there are so many saddles?nee Spoke Wrench
Jan 23, 2002 8:51 AM
It's because someone absolutely loves every blessed one of them. It seems to me that what feels great to one guy feels exactly like a picked fence to someone else. I think you just have to fiddle around for yourself until you stumble onto what works for you personally. Then buy two more to use as spares and don't listen to anyone else's advice.
Same saddle, same problem.Brian C.
Jan 23, 2002 10:25 AM
This issue came up last week or the week before and it caught my eye because of experiencing numb nuts on an Oktavia.
Check this out:
nigel "Read this about urethral strictures. Medical stuff! LONG." 1/10/02 9:35pm

Koobi or Selle Trans Am saddles might be worth considering.