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Mavic Open Pro rim vs. Mavic CXP33(6 posts)

Mavic Open Pro rim vs. Mavic CXP33Janette
Jan 23, 2002 12:00 AM
which one is better for trainning? which rim is stronger
re: Mavic Open Pro rim vs. Mavic CXP33Paul
Jan 23, 2002 4:10 AM
I have open pros and had a set of cxp 30s (similar to the 33). The Open Pro is the better all purpose wheel. If you have an AL frame, the open pro will give you a better ride. The open pro is lighter (especially if built with Dura Ace hubs), and will be easier on the climbs.

The cxp 33 is more rigid and stronger, thus a stiffer ride. The plus side is, the 33 is more stable especially on descends (less flex), and faster on the flats (aero). The 33 costs more if I remember correctly.

I'm now using ksyriums and heliums(fancy open pro). Ksyriums are great, and has a deal on last years
model for around 400.00. It's probably the best all around wheel on the market. Semi aero, light, and strong.

If I had a choice between the open pro and 33, I'd buy the open pro. I would buy the Ksyriums over the other two.

Have fun, feel free to ask other questions.

re: Mavic Open Pro rim vs. Mavic CXP33JohnT
Jan 26, 2002 6:50 PM
The Ksyriums are light?

They're about 1700 grams, that's hardly light, as a matter of fact it's kinda heavy. Mavic has already switched the spoke design for 2002 as a result of all the problems they had with the 2001 version. Bigtime overated wheelset.
I weight the ksyriums and...Paul
Jan 28, 2002 9:33 AM
the front was 710 grams (10 grams over), and the rear was 948 (48 over) for 1658 grams. Even 1700 isn't heavy, and they are probably the best all-around wheel out there based on numerous reviews, and people I know who have them (including myself). The only negatives I have on them are: cheap finish, and expensive spokes if you somehow manage to break them.

Fast, light, bomb proof, widely used, new lighter version. Hey, what more do you want!

Look at the pro bikes,and see what wheels (including lance) they're using.
re: Mavic Open Pro rim vs. Mavic CXP33merckx56
Jan 23, 2002 10:36 AM
in my opinion, the cxp33 rims are the way to go. they are only 40 grams heavier than the open pros, but they are much tougher. they are internally eyeleted, therefore there is little chance of the spoke nipple pulling through the rim.
I have ridden both extensively and have very little trouble with the cxp33's while the open pros were always a bit more touchy. you can build an obscenely light set of wheels with open pros, but for every day wheels, get the 33s.
re: Mavic Open Pro rim vs. Mavic CXP33I Love Shimano
Jan 23, 2002 7:16 PM
Hey, during my search for the answer to that questio, I first came upon this website =)

Anyway, check out the product reviews section of this site to be able to assess both rims. I chose the Open Pros because most of the feedback I got said that the CXP33 did not really offer any real aero advantage because it was not deep enough. So I decided to save weight and get the cheaper OPs.