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help finding a stem(2 posts)

help finding a stemDrD
Jan 20, 2002 8:27 AM
Ok - so I have been trying to get my hands on a non-butt ugly, 130mm, 90 degree threaded stem with a detachable or hinged front clamp (preferrably polished, rather than black) - the "ideal" stem for me would be a polished Syncros hinged stem.

I have looked far and wide online, and can't seem to find anything - not even a used one! (well - I should say that there are a number of places which claim to have them on their site, such as Bikeworld or Bilenki, but they don't actually have them...)

About the only thing I can find is a Salsa stem (don't want one of those) or the Profile H2O stems (rather not get one of those)

Anyone have any ideas on where I might find the stem I seek?

(as a preemptive strike - going threadless is not an option - I just want to experiment with position a bit, and buying the threadless converter for my headset and a new fork is not what I had in mind)
re: help finding a stemNessism
Jan 22, 2002 8:04 PM
I'm not aware of a stem that fits your criteria. You might want to try to find an MTB stem and then pick up a set of 25.4mm handlebars to match. The Profile Boa comes in a 1" quill and 130mm length with two bolt front clamp. Also, I think the Bontrager branded bars are 25.4mm for the cyclecross crowd.

Check out

Good luck.