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Trek 5900(3 posts)

Trek 5900WC
Jan 17, 2002 5:01 AM
Any Trek 5900 Superlight owners out there having issues with the lower headset? Any details of the problem and fix would be appreciated.
re: Trek 5900Ray M
Jan 17, 2002 9:45 AM
What kind of problems are you having with the lower headset? I just bought a new 5900 at the beginning of the year. Haven't had the chance to ride many miles and every thing seems fine right now.
Jan 17, 2002 10:36 AM
This topic has been discussed at length here, so you can also find info in the past posts. The problem is that the top of the fork is standard 1 1/8 but at the bottom its even larger and Trek uses a non-standard bearing. So you can't swap it out for a King or other. I have had my 5900 for a year now and had the problems pretty much from the get go.

Here's some possible solutions, 1.) if you contact Cane Creek they will send you the replacement for the upper. Thats the part that they make, not the bottom. They were very helpful and sent it right out to me at no charge. Basically the top bearing has a better seal.

2.) You have to contact Trek for the lower bearing. I know all this because after many complaints they told me to contact Cane Creek, who was great and very responsive! They then told me that the lower was a Trek issue. Finally had Trek get back to me and let me know that they have had problems with the lower and to have my Local Trek shop order part # 971605. Keep that number its important, but the dealer had to order it and charged $35. Cane Creek sent it out for free, so much for customer satisfaction.

Turns out that the problem is the lower bearing doesn't drain at all so if any water, sweat, moisture gets in there it has no place to go and begins to rust. The whole head sets sucks! which is a shame becase the frame is Awsome. Hope this helps.