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Question for"Spookyload" about Ksyrium's(4 posts)

Question for"Spookyload" about Ksyrium'sJames
Jan 16, 2002 11:21 PM
I had a question about your Ksyrium creeeek. I tried(so far) to lube the spokes on the hub side, But it takes it away for only minutes. Did you try this first and have the same results? I used Finish Line spray lube and thought it may be too thin. I'm going to take the hub apart if needed, But i want to make sure i need to first.

re: advice mayapply to Ksyrium'spa rider
Jan 17, 2002 8:07 AM
I just bought a pair of ksyrium, but waiting until april to trash on them. I'm using my old wheels to ride our cinder road (Live in Pennsylvania).

I had a ceramic wheel on my chris king hub MTB. My spokes creeked because the ceramic rim didn't like my brass nipples. My LBS said you should put grease on spokes when you build wheels. I didn't want to rebuild my wheel, so I put finishline at spokes nipples.

It took me many applications before my spokes stopped creeking. I think I applied about four times and the lube final worked it's way in rim. Try lubing a few times before giving up on your approach. I think I also used Pedro's wet lube one of times. It doesn't creek anymore now.
I used Prolink on the spokes, and it didn't fix my problemspookyload
Jan 17, 2002 2:49 PM
Then I thought it was the bearings being loose, so I readjusted the bearings. That worked for two rides, then it came back. So my next step was to take them apart and check the bearings. They were buttery smoothe still, so when I reassembled them, I added the grease to the contact area where the axle meets the bearings, and never heard the creak again. I have about 15 rides since doing that, and it still hasn't creaked. I know the instructions for disassembly I gave were lengthy, but it really isn't that big a deal once you see how they come apart. The bearings actually just pop in and out, they don't have to be pressed. If you need better instructions email me and maybe I can call you and explain it while you do it.
Thanks for the help, I'll email you if i need help(NM)James
Jan 18, 2002 12:18 AM