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How to tune up ksyriums(3 posts)

How to tune up ksyriumsAramo
Jan 16, 2002 8:09 PM
Is it difficult to service Mavic Ksyrium wheels? Mine don't spin as smoothly as they did when they were new, and the problem does not appear to be getting worse, but it would be nice to fix. About how much do you think a bike shop would ask to service them (assuming they can)?
not much to tunetcr01
Jan 17, 2002 5:39 AM
Really not much to service. They can be trued if needed. The bearings are sealed cartridge type and can only be adjusted to take up any play that may occur with time. You may want to check to make sure the bearing are not too tight.
Jan 17, 2002 5:35 PM
An unscrupulous shop would charge whatever they thought they could get away with. A good shop will have a very minimal or no charge and tell you that there's not much to do. Then they'll simply clean them up and check the bearing adjustment. About the most you could do would be to extract the precision bearing units (remove free hub on rear) wipe things witha clean rag and put it back together, but I do not advise this. The Mavic hub is a fairly cleaver design, and while it's not the most robust, there is very little required maintenance. BTW - the slight decrease free spinning with no load on the wheels that you're noticing doesn't mean much in the world of sealed bearings.

If you have the bearing adjustment tool and the directions and a rag (use no solvent) you can do it yourself in about 10 minutes.