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ksyrium campy/shimano compatibility?(2 posts)

ksyrium campy/shimano compatibility?king or norway
Jan 14, 2002 5:57 PM
I was thinking of getting used Mavic Ksyriums and was wondering whether I could get the shimano outfit if I was riding campy record. Am I correct that the wheels are set up for 9spd(shimano or campy) and 10spd (campy) and thats the only differnce. Or is there something more? Also, any advice pros/cons about ksyriums?
re: ksyrium campy/shimano compatibility?Pa rider
Jan 15, 2002 5:58 AM
I just bought a pair of 2002 ksyrium wheels and got shimano hub freebody. I asked about going to Campy when I'll build a new bike in a year or two to my LBS.

My LBS said I have to buy a convertion kit. This will cost me $80 and replaces the freehub body to allow the Campy to run on my wheel. I have to put a spacer in my wheel now to run nine speed. I also heard that I can get a special cassette that runs with Campy on a shimano hub, but it sound like over $100 for the cassette.

Why don't you e-mail mavic technical support, at, to get a better answer. That's what the LBS do to find options.

Good luck.