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Keywin road pedals(6 posts)

Keywin road pedalsKurt VF
Jan 14, 2002 3:35 PM
Does anyone use them? Opinions???? Thanks.
re: Keywin road pedalsAUH
Jan 14, 2002 5:08 PM
I've only seen/ridden with one person who uses them. He said he likes them and he sounded pretty enthusiastic about them. Didn't give any more detail than that.

Sorry I don't have firsthand experience. Figured I would share this comment since you probably won't get many (if any) responses on this one.
re: Keywin road pedalsWoof the dog
Jan 15, 2002 12:04 PM
I also know someone who rides Keywins. These pedals seem to be more popular among track riders for a number of reasons. Keywin's top of the line pedals are with ti axils that are thicker than speedplay X-2s but the total pedal weight is ~8 grams less than X-2's. Cleat weights are also very close. Pedal's body is all plastic, cleat is also plastic, so they need a break-in period, and even after that they may still be hard to engage and disengage. In the cold weather they again may be harder to use because plastic is colder/harder. They have 6 degrees of float that is in the pedal body moving on the axil, pretty cool eh? The advantages are a wide platform and it is very hard to pull out of the pedal, unlike an spd for example - reason why trackies seem to like it, or at least the one I know. He uses road, NOT track, keywins on both his road and track bikes. Pedals cost ~160 bucks and in my opinion you would be better served with speedplay X-2s that give you better float, easier (dis)engagement and also the "non-pull-out-ability" hehe. Keywin has a website, but I'd choose speedplays.

You better be thankful for all of my typing ;-P

Woof the speedplay dog.
re: Keywin road pedalsfastbarry
Jan 17, 2002 1:23 AM
Hi from New Zealand,
Keywins are made here and are very popular.I recently bought a set of Ti ones and they are about $280 NZ so should be under $140 US.I have not used any other road pedals except some crap VP's that came on the bike.I have used a lot of mtb Shimano and Time and find the Keywins easy to get into and out.All parts are available and the plastic bits are cheap to replace if they eventually wear out.The shoe and the pedal do not rub together for float which is good.I have mine set up with no float now and the guy who did my bike setup uses them too.
The bearings are cartridge type and I do not think the cold weather will make them hard to get in or out
re: Keywin road pedalsWoof the dog
Jan 17, 2002 11:34 AM
not the bearings, the plastic interface of your cleat and pedal body. I donno, but thats what I heard!

re: Keywin road pedalsSputtox
Jan 18, 2002 4:55 AM
I have used Keywins on my road bike for nearly a year and they work well.

Plusses: big platform, lotsa clearance, 6 degrees of float (which you can lock out if you want), float is achieved by articulating the pedal with the axle not your foot against the pedal, and they're a really simple design (no springs or other fussy stuff). Oh, and they're really cheap compared to the competition.

Minuses: A little stiff to clip out of (but I haven't fallen off yet). I guess if you're a style cripple, you might be miffed at the limited colour range (they're black)and the fact that they're not a big name in the pro peloton.

Oh, and they do work in the cold and the wet, even in Hobart (42 degrees South, dudes, and on the way to Antarctica).

Give 'em a whirl,

cheers, Leon.