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Ksyrium front wheel creeeeeeeking.......Driving me crazy!(5 posts)

Ksyrium front wheel creeeeeeeking.......Driving me crazy!James
Jan 13, 2002 8:10 PM
I have tried everything and I'm down to thinking it's the front Ksyrium wheel creeeeeking. Has anyone has a similiar problem? I'm going to try Grease at the spoke ends to see, But if anyone else has any idea's, Please post them. Can i use chain lube for this? Thanks...James
re: Ksyrium front wheel creeeeeeeking.......Driving me crazy!Woof the dog
Jan 13, 2002 8:36 PM
have you lubed your qr? I sometimes put some pedro's dry lube(prolink is too liquidy) on each spoke nipple/eyelet interface. maybe it could be the spoke creaking at the hub? i am sure you've checked your bar/stem right? Good luck.

woof the dog.
I just fixed minespookyload
Jan 13, 2002 8:50 PM
I thought it was the spoke nipples at the hub, but it wasn't. I won't hurt to lube those though. Take the front wheel and skewer out. pull off the end where the skewer goes through. One side has a 5mm allen key opening, the other side doesn't. That is the side that comes off. Now put a 5mm in the side still on, and put a 8mm in the side you took off. As you unscrew, the axel will come looser until it comes off. Clean everything up real nice, and put a little grease on the axle where it touches the bearings inner race. I used bullshot since it is extra sticky. Reassemble the hub, and tighten it as the instructions say for adusting the bearings. They will creak no more. I think the metal on metal contact between the axle and the inner bearing race creaks for some reason. I went through all kinds of silly trouble shooting, but once I did that it went away.
I just fixed minekey
Jan 17, 2002 10:42 AM
Had the same problem and the above fixed it the first time. If that doesn't work it could be that the bearing is blow! I have had mine about a year and 5K on them, so if the lube doesn't work have the dealer check the bearings. Its not uncommon. Also put a litte lube on the front fork blades where the wheels contact.

Similar Problem (Click) FixedB2
Jan 14, 2002 7:02 AM
I had a similar problem with an Open Pro rim, except it was more of a click (loud and VERY annoying). I did the lube the nipples at the rim to no avail. Well, upon closer inpection, found one of the eyelets was cracked. The solution came from a LBS - superglue between the eyelet and the rim. No more popping or clicking.

BTW - A few weeks later Colorado Cyslist/Mavic replaced under warranty. Wheel was 11 mos old.