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Clincher Tire Selection Help?(4 posts)

Clincher Tire Selection Help?Pet
Jan 12, 2002 4:26 PM
I've tire of swapping tires between training and racing, since I can only afford a pair of wheels, MAVIC Krysium. Currently using the Vittoria Open Corsa CX 700X23C for both training and racing. I need suggest on the best tires for racing and training, my focus will be on rolling resistance and puncture resistance and I'm thinking of changing to a 700X19C OPen Corsa. Mileage/Durability is a non issue, as I'm able to get OPen @ attractive price ($25/pcs). Wonder what's the impact between using 19C to 23C width, will you get more FLATs and also the rolling resistance advantage for racing? I weight 160lbs and I'm not a power sprinting rider. Thanks in advance for any advise and tire recommendations.
re: Clincher Tire Selection Help?tubs
Jan 13, 2002 12:14 AM
Narrower tyres have less wind resistance, but more rolling resistance. Fatter, more wind resistance but less rolling resistance. Wind resistance is of little import when riding in the bunch, so most pros use 23c for bunch racing, where the reduced rolling resistance and increased comfort are benificial. They then use 19s for time trials where wind resistance is king.
It has been shown that when riding ALONE the point at which 19s come into their own is anything above 20mph.
Latex tubes will add a huge advantage in reduced rolling resistance, you can really feel it! Fit them with french chalk for best results. Use these if you dont mind pumping them up every day. It is also vital to experiment to find the correct tyre pressure for your weight and conditions. Start at around 100 psi.
re: Clincher Tire Selection Help?Woof the dog
Jan 14, 2002 4:30 AM
I like vredestein fortezza for training and racing. These tires lasted a lot better than specialized on my bike, although I do like that outer edge specialized tires have. 19's would be faster if pumped up to higher pressure because you "overequalize" for higher pressure, but that is more dangerous in tight turns as your tire has less grip. I wouldn't do a crit on 19c tires either, only straight road races and tts.


woof the odg
Get Axial Pro lights!pmf1
Jan 14, 2002 6:21 AM
Just joking.

I'd opt for the 23C over the 19C. Most pro reacers are using 23C tires these days. Those really skinny tires can be uncomfortable to ride on and flat (in my experience) more often. I read somewhere that 23C tires actually have less rolling resistance than 20C tires.