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hub choices(11 posts)

hub choicesebs
Jan 10, 2002 4:03 PM
I am currently having a wheelset built and can purchase 1 of the following hubs at cost american classic ultra-light,chris king or white industries.Anybody with experiences with any of these hubs would greatly be appreciated.These are going to 28 spoke f/r and mavic cd rims.They will be my training wheels and will see rain (live in pacific nw)also I am light 65kg if this affects the choice. Thanks in advance.
Jan 10, 2002 4:40 PM
I have some kings and they have been flawless. There customer service is better than anyone I have ever delt with and they have a five year warranty. There not heavy and bombproof, a very wise choice.

One Negativegrzy
Jan 10, 2002 5:13 PM
The Chris King rear road hub has to be one of, if not the, noisiest hub on the market today. The ratchet mechanism is really loud when freewheeling. People should be aware of this in advance. All that said, I love King products - even their hubs.
Your right!!!!!!Ligon
Jan 10, 2002 6:03 PM
The king hub is very loud,I should of mentioned that!!
If you ride in a group everyone will know you ride a king hub. If noise is a concern I would be wary of the Hugi 240 too. It tends to make a lot of noise when freewheeling.

Noise & QC ProbsB2
Jan 11, 2002 7:35 AM
I believe the Hugi noise issue was with the older version, not the 240's. The older version had some serious QC problems with the ratchet mechanism as well.

I have a set of Open Pros / Hugi 240's and noise has never been an issue. No one would know you were riding Hugi's unless they looked. Although I've only ridden them for 1.5 years and so it's hard to be sure, it seems that they have remedied the ratcheting mechanism failures they had in the past. My experience has been flawless.

Now talk about noise - They'll know when you're riding CK's :-) Having said that... you still couldn't go wrong with the CK's.

Hugi Problemslaffeaux
Jan 11, 2002 10:05 AM
Yes, the first Hugi's did have problems. Early models used a single spring inthe freehub, while later models use two. The early models can be retrofitted, however I think it's safer to buy the new ones. I have a set of mtb wheels with Hugi 240's from 2000 or so. I don't have a ton of miles on them, but they work fine. Defintiely louder than Shimano hubs, but quieter than Kings. Very light too.
re: hub choicescollinsc
Jan 10, 2002 4:50 PM
i posted a similar question in the general forum, down near the bottom now (perhaps i should post it during the day for more responses)

but lots of votes for the CK's

im interested in the CK's, the Hugis and the Tunes if anyone can comment on them
re: hub choicesdbo
Jan 10, 2002 11:14 PM
I recently had a set of Hugi 240's built on Alex EST 13 & 14 rims, 28h fr.(radial Rev's) 32h r. (radial Rev's non drive, 14/15 2x drive) and they came in at 1425gr. So far the rear hub is almost silent but that may change as the grease warms up in the summer although my last set of Hugi's were very quiet also.
re: hub choicesjaybird
Jan 11, 2002 7:56 AM
A guy I ride with said he trashed his CK hubs because he didn't do something to the needle bearings after he rode them for about 200 mi. Is he full of it? or what was he supposed to have done.
CK Good WarrantyB2
Jan 11, 2002 4:28 PM
I also have a friend that "trashed" the freehub on a CK/517 wheelset. He had ridden something like 500 miles when the hub started to make wired noises and "slip" now and again. Apparently he was supposed to have had them serviced after a couple hundred miles?, two months? (I'm sure someone will provide the correct times/mileages). At any rate, the shop wasn't going to warranty the hub because of this. My friend told them to send it to CK and have CK say they wouldn't warranty the issue. Long story short - new hubs and no cost. Seems like they stand behind their product (even if their dealers won't).

The King rear has a break-in period.Leisure
Jan 11, 2002 5:51 PM
When I bought mine I was told to bring it in after about 20hrs or so of riding to get something retightened; that's probably how your friend messed up his hub. After I got that over with, I probably put 5000 miles of fairly intense mountainbiking on my hubs before servicing them again, and according to my LBS they could have gone a decent amount longer. It's always better to service more often than necessary, though. I LOVE my Kings.