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Sidi Genius 3 Adapter & Time Pedals(5 posts)

Sidi Genius 3 Adapter & Time Pedalsknapp61
Jan 9, 2002 6:43 PM
I am making the move from old Look pedals & Nike shoes to Sidi Genius 3 shoes and either:

Look PP296
Time Pedals

I have heard that the Time adapter plate for the Genius 3's is aluminium and really wears out the pedal/cleat.

Anybody have any experience with Time pedals & Sidi Genius 3's. Are the compatibility issues significant? Any Advice?

Funny you mention it...Cima Coppi
Jan 10, 2002 6:19 AM
I purchased a pair of Look PP296's for my new bike, used them with my G3's, and the cleat creak drove me nuts during rides. So I moved back to my old Time pedals to see if this was the route I wanted to go before buying new pedals. I bought the Time adapter plate, which I think is on the heavy side, but it works very well. NO CREAK!!!

Honestly, I have not put enough miles on the Time's to notice premature wear, but I can say the pedals are second to none in quality. I have one pair of the original Time Racing pedals purchased in 1988 (they were introduced in 1987), and I just won a pair of Equipe Mag Ti's on E-Bay. So far I really like the new Time's.

Hope this helps in some way. Good Luck

No problem12x23
Jan 10, 2002 10:59 AM
I've used Time pedals with Sidi shoes since about '95 (Genius & Genius 3), with no problem. The aluminum plate eventually wears just a little in the middle (not a problem), but I haven't noticed any wear on the pedal.
re: Sidi Genius 3 Adapter & Time PedalsEric
Jan 10, 2002 1:54 PM
Actually, the Sidi/Time plate is a magnesium alloy and it does wear down over time. I usually replace the adapter plates each season.It also can wear away at the body of the pedal, and riding in wet weather will expediate this. I have one old pair of Time pedals (1996) and the outside of the right pedal body has been worn away. I believe this is a result of the positioning of my right foot (I roll to the outside) and that these pedals are on my winter (wet) bike.

The benefit of the Sidi/Time interface is that the cleat stack is VERY low, even better than with Time's own Equipe Pro shoes. Also, the adapter is rock-solid on the shoe and the cleats will not slip.
re: Sidi Genius 3 Adapter & Time PedalsFather Time
Jan 11, 2002 1:36 PM
Not sure how it could be lower on Sidi's than on Time shoes.
The Sidi adapter is recessed, but the cleat is still on top of that. My Time pedals and Equipe Pro shoes only have 10mm between the sole of the shoe and the pedal spindle.