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question on tubular spare?(6 posts)

question on tubular spare?happy happy
Jan 9, 2002 1:17 PM
i am interested in how some of you keep and store a spare tubular that is carried for rides?

do some of you pre-glue and then how do you fold it and store it so when if needed its is ready for use?

should i rotate and use my spare tire so the glue is relatively fresh on the spare or should i just sandwich it together and fold it and add a touch on the rim before mounting?

has anyone some expreience with tubular rim strips and is it worth considering going glueless?

i still like and use tubulars and flat very rarely but am starting to do a lot of longer miles and am now carrying a spare as im over 50 miles from home. before it was so rare that i would just hitch or find a cab.

will tufo tubular sealant work on non tufo tires?

am asking just in case as i do all my riding on tubulars and all my rims are still tubular.

thank you for any thoughts.
tubular sparesRusty McNasty
Jan 9, 2002 2:11 PM
Pre glue, fold with the base tape facing each other, stuff into wege bag.
Why rotate??
Rims strips suck. Glueless is dangerous.
Tufo sealant should work on any butyl rubber tube which HAS A REMOVEABLE VALVE CORE. Cheap tubulars don't.
just to clarifynaff geezer
Jan 10, 2002 1:55 AM
do conti sprinters and vittoria cx's have removeable valve cores?

and if pre-glued will the base tape peel when unfolding if left for a while?

just to clarifybiknben
Jan 10, 2002 1:18 PM
Yes. I ride both Conti Sprinters and Vit CXs and the cores are removable. I know nothing about the selant working. I remove the cores to put valve extensions on them.
Tubular sparespookyload
Jan 9, 2002 7:50 PM
I never bother gluing my spare on. If it is a training ride, the spare is to get me home. I keep new tires streching on old rims to replace the spare when I get home. I am just very cautious on the way home, and don't lean the bike hard into corners. I do repair tubulars for use as spares. Once the get more than one patch they are trashed. It is a sign that the tire is just jinxed(LOL). Make sure when buying sew ups for training you get a high mileage tire. Tufo is making a very hard rubber compound tire that gets a ton of miles. As for their sealent, it is a one way deal. Once you put it in, if you deflate the tire, that shit comes flying out. I would use it as a get home tool if you have to. In no means should you not carry a spare because of it.
Forgot to mentionspookyload
Jan 9, 2002 7:53 PM
I use red tubasti cement instead of the clear. It is a softer glue which you will appreciate when trying to remove the flat one on the road. I also put a layer on the rim, let it dry, then put another layer down before mounting the tire. It gets some extra glue on the rim, and holds the tire sufficiently to get home.