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Crank fatigue life(3 posts)

Crank fatigue lifeGreyhound
Jan 9, 2002 12:40 PM
I am going into my first year of racing and want to trade my 172.5 ultegra cranks for a teammates 175 ultegra cranks, because im 6'3". My cranks have just over 1000 miles on them, no crashes, just training, and his have 5000-6000 miles on them and have been raced. Is it wise of me to trade? Do cranks have a specific life span? Any suggestions about this trade or alternatives would be apreciated.

Hard to sayKerry Irons
Jan 9, 2002 5:03 PM
The longest I ever got out of a pair of cranks was 90K miles, then I sold the bike. Those cranks are still in use, 14 years later. There are reports of crank failure in a few thousand miles. The answer is that most cranks last "forever" and a VERY few fail amazingly soon. No way to predict. Ultegra cranks do not have a reputation for failure, so you are on pretty safe ground. YMMV.
It's your call butgrandemamou
Jan 10, 2002 4:40 AM
I've got a set of 10 y/o Campy athena cranks that have seen many miles too many to count and I don't think twice about it. I have heard of crank failures and know they can happen but have never seen them with my own two eyes. 5-6k is not alot of miles assuming they haven't been damaged.