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Need advice on new bike setup (carbon components)(8 posts)

Need advice on new bike setup (carbon components)Bikewithadam
Jan 7, 2002 5:12 PM
I'm having a custom Ti built right now (while my broken bones are knitting from my last crash :) and am thinking about seatpost, stem and handlebar choices. I've read the reviews that I can find, but I'd like some more in depth commentary if anybody's used some of this stuff.

My prospects are:

Easton or Selcof carbon seatpost
Easton EC90 carbon handlebar
I'm clueless on the stem

Now obviously part of the decision is based upon geometry and unfortunately I don't have that information at hand to pass on to you guys. However, for what it's worth, I'm hoping to put on record 10.

So, do people have experience with these particular components, or do they at least know of other good carbon alternatives? Any carbon stem suggestions? I know nothing about selcof--any user comments out there? Basically I'm looking for any general knowledge I can find about these parameters.

Thanks! Do appreciate the help!

Jan 7, 2002 7:11 PM
I use the EC-90 bar and am quite pleased with it. Two things though. You cant use Aero bars and Campy ergo shifters will not go on in most cases. Read the reviews about the bars, and that is quite apparent. You might look into the new Deda carbon bar too. It looks very nice.

As for the seatpost, I use a Corima seatpost, and am quite pleased with it. It is a conversation starter to say the least.
Jan 8, 2002 10:51 AM
Can you tell me a little more about the corima seatpost? Whst size do you have? Is the clamp adequate? What about strength, and of course, vibration dampening?


I have the largespookyload
Jan 8, 2002 3:50 PM
It fits frames requiring 14-16 cm of extension. I am not sure of the other lengths, but use this link for more info: The clamp on the seatpost is very similar to the Cinelli Grammo with the one bolt desing. It has 360 degrees of rotation, so it can be adjusted to fit any frame. It comes with shims for 25mm and 27.2mm frames, so it is pretty universal. I weigh 180 and flex was my concern, but it is no problem. The clamp holds the seat very tight, and the shims are made of carbon, so they don't creak like an aluminum one. As for road vibration dampening, I really can't say. I ride a Kestrel 200sci so I couldn't tell where the carbon post is working over the carbon frame. You can find them on eBay for around $75 most of the time. I got mine at for $100. It is a little pricier than the others, but it is the post I wanted. Another post you might consider is the Mike Burrows post. I used that on my old Giant TCR and it was awesome. The frame was darn near unrideable with an aluminum post due to the harshness, but the Burrows post actually flexed on big hits taking out a ton of vibration.
other carbon choicesdsc
Jan 7, 2002 7:45 PM
I tried an EC90 on my bike at the LBS, but didn't care for that crazy bend, and the way that it took away from my top-of-the-bar hand positions. I went with the Kestrel EMS Pro.
I like the shape of the hooks (fits my hands nicely) and together with an Ouzo Pro fork, makes for a nice, damp front end. Very nice as the miles start piling up!

No experience w/ CF seat posts (have a nice Ti American Classic). You didn't say, but if you're looking for a CF stem as well, I beleive that LOOK makes them.

Have fun spec'ing out your new ride!

I use the Easton Bar and the USE Alien post...biknben
Jan 8, 2002 9:05 AM
I like the Easton bar. The bends feel fine to me. My DA Brake levers fit perfectly. I hadn't heard of Campy levers not fitting well until I read that response above.

I love my Use Alien post. Extrmemely lightweight carbon but very solid. The clamp is unique but well designed. It holds tight and hasn't given me any problems.

FWIW: A close friend has a Look Ergo carbon post and he hates it. Clamp bolt keeps coming loose and it creaks like crazy.
re: Need advice on new bike setup (carbon components)Ian
Jan 8, 2002 4:31 PM
I have a pair of EC-90 bars, I like them. I really like the new bend, gives me another hand position. I use D/A, but I heard Record will work, just takes a little different cable routing. I have not tried though.

I ride a Look Ergo post. No problems like the other person that posted, lots of fore - aft adjustment. I got it mostly because I have a Look bike. Most seatposts you can install and forget; Look, Easton, U.S.E. etc. I'd just get whichever one you like the looks of the best.

Also have the new Look carbon stem. Again, got it because of the bike. Works fine and no problems.
Don't forget the cranksetFreshwood
Jan 11, 2002 8:06 PM
Hi, Doug from FSA here.

Don't forget some FSA carbon cranks. Lighter, stiffer and beautiful.

Good Luck