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Raleigh(oversized headset), Cannondale or Giant?(2 posts)

Raleigh(oversized headset), Cannondale or Giant?Jbajel
Jan 6, 2002 11:09 PM
Help. Eventhough the old Cannondale has a few miles left on it, I am finally purchasing a new road bike. I have about $1600 to spend. I can't decide between the following bikes:1) Raleigh R700 all Ultegra; 2) Cannondale R900 mixed groupo of 105 and Ultegra with Coda hubs; and 3) Giant-compact frame with 105.
I bike a lot of hills and will do my first ironman this summer. The Raleigh is tempting, but I am nervous about the oversized/integrated headset and quality of the frame. Is the groupo difference worth it? I am told that the Cannondale frame is worth the extra expense. Please advise.
re: Raleigh(oversized headset), Cannondale or Giant?pa rider
Jan 7, 2002 7:13 AM
I own a R600 2001 Cannondale and use to own a Raleigh R500 in 1995. If the Raleigh R700 rides the same as the Cannondale R900, I buy the Raleigh. The Raleigh uses 7000 aluminin and may ride a little stiffer than the Cannondale. Both bikes use the flexed rearstays to help with the road bumps. The forks are both excellant, so your only paying for a brand name on the C-dale.

The C-dale is going with an integrated headset and I saw mixed reviews on this site about the Record headset. The Canecreek version is getting bad reviews.

If you decide on which bike rides better than that should help with you decision. If your judging purchase based on groupo level, than decide which parts you would want to upgrade later. You'll get alot more miles out of the Raleigh.

I picked my C-dale because I was going for a lighter aluminin frame and decided I would be upgrading the parts as I wore them out.

The Giant frames never fit me right, so I don't know how they ride.

Hopes this help. Theirs some othe C-dale riders on this site, whom I'm sure will give you their advice.