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Difference bwt Flite and Max Flite(5 posts)

Difference bwt Flite and Max Fliteliu02bhs
Jan 5, 2002 2:51 PM
What's the difference between Flite and Max Flite saddles?
Weight and paddingKerry Irons
Jan 5, 2002 4:11 PM
The Max Flite is heavier and more heavily padded that the Flite. Max Flite is about 40 gm heavier than the Flite Ti. Not much. The more important issue is which one fits your body better, and you're the only one who can judge that.
quite a bit actually (for me)....5ive
Jan 5, 2002 6:24 PM
The dimensions of the saddles are almost identical both in length, width, and general shapes of the saddles. As the previous poster noted, there's bit more padding on Max flite. Max flite also comes with Vanadium rails rather than titanium. The leather cover on Max flites are also slightly different from the normal flites (at least on mine). They are a bit thiner, almost vinyl-like. Two biggest differences between the saddles are the shell design and the stack height. Max Flite's shells have what SI calls wing suspension. The rear portion of the shell curves and wraps inwards and the rails are mounted into this folds, providing more comfort. If you hold the mounted Max Flites and provide pressure to the rear of the saddle, you'll notice that the left and right of the sit bone area will flex independently. To me, this makes a huge difference. I can't ride on normal flites for more than 50 miles, where as the Max Flites will keep me comfortable as long as I need to. The stack height: due to the aforementioned wing suspension design and thicker padding, the Max flites will stack up higher from the rails to the saddle top than normal flites. If you are currently using a normal flite saddle, you would need to drop the seatpost a bit to keep your saddle-top to pedals at its original length. Hope this helps.
re: Difference bwt Flite and Max Flitejkh
Jan 6, 2002 12:00 AM
I have both the Flite and the Max. The nose and the straight portion of the mounting rails of the Flite are actually a little bit longer than the Max.
Max Flite not for meEric
Jan 8, 2002 6:17 PM
I just recently tried a plain Max Flite. While the shape is favorable, I found the rear suspension shell to lead to an increase in pressure from the nose of the saddle. I think the rear flexes more than the nose so effectively when I have my weight back on the saddle the rear compresses making the nose seem "up". I am much more comfortable on the regular Flite but of course, everyone is different.

Anyone want to buy a nearly new Max Flite??