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Easton EC90 Carbon bars.. keeping them secure(3 posts)

Easton EC90 Carbon bars.. keeping them securesgray8110
Jan 5, 2002 2:08 PM
Anyone out there with these bars had some problems with them slipping?? I've only been on one ride with them, and got about 12 miles in and started a good tough climb and with my hands firmly pushing down on the hoods the bar slipped.. I was idiotic enough not to bring my multitool and on the way home the things just got gradually worse. I made my way to a bike shop, but the things got so loose that starting and stopping was dangerous. That's my fault there.. any bonehead (ie ME) who doesn't bring the tools to solve simple problems deserves this fate.. but anyway.. has anyone out there had a problem with them slipping?? I used a torque wrench to install them and tightened them as the instructions said but this still happened. The guy at the bike shop reccomended using a piece of innertube to prevent this.. I made it hope without anymore slipping which included a pretty good climb, but I'm tempted to bring a patch of tube with me on my ride tommorow. Any thoughts out there??

re: Easton EC90 Carbon bars.. keeping them secureIan
Jan 5, 2002 6:03 PM
What stem do you have? Slipping can be more of a problem with some stems and not with others. The epoxy / clearcoat on these bars is very hard and slick. I used a Deda Newton stem for about 6 months, no problems. I then used a new Easton magnesium stem, and the bars slipped a little. The Easton stem has a gloss black finish so I lightly sanded the clamping area on the stem, no more slipping. I believe Easton is now using some kind of sticker to prevent this. Look then came out with their carbon stem, and since I have a Look carbon bike, I had to have one of those, no problems.
Easton Carbon baes are legandary....Samu Ilonen
Jan 8, 2002 4:21 AM
....That they need a bit "ride in"! Ride carefully about 10-20 minutes and re-tighten. This should be fine but I'll do it again after first few hous ride...Then jus ride on! I referred to my and my 5 friends experience about EA CT-2 mtb bars.Very good stuff but read allway instructions!