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Power-Tap Hub, Opinions(3 posts)

Power-Tap Hub, OpinionsMalc
Jan 5, 2002 1:36 PM
I am thinking about getting the "new" Hub, post Graber purchase of Etune. I live North of Boston so I want know things like,
Can I ride in the Jan-March in slush etcc....
what Cat riders generally own this product, Cat 1/2 or ??
what kind of experience have owners had, how long have they used the product.
After using did they notice an improvement in training/fitness over time?

Generally I am looking for any opinion you may have on the subject before I go ahead an purchase, SRM seems too expensive

re: Power-Tap Hub, Opinionsegallant
Jan 5, 2002 7:01 PM
I knew someone who tried the PowerTap last summer and he actually had problems with it after riding in the rain. He ended up returning it after trying many ways to get it going again. Maybe they've improved it since then, but I would be a bit wary of it.
re: Power-Tap Hub, OpinionsTB
Jan 6, 2002 7:54 AM
I have been riding one for about 6 months. In the snow and slush here in Colorado for the last month or s. No problems at all with the hub. My only problem has been that one stretch of my daily commute is along side high power transmission lines and the EMF from the lines jams the wireless connection and I loose data. Makes you wonder wat it does to the body doesn't it?