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New Forks????(3 posts)

New Forks????Nick F
Jan 4, 2002 5:12 AM
I am going to buy some new forks for my Pinarello. I am toying with either Ouzo Pro's or Mizuno Flandres. Anyone got any thoughts on which way to go??? The bike is for Road and Crit racing.
re: New Forks????Charlie - Empire Cycle Craft
Jan 4, 2002 9:23 AM
I would suggest the OUZO Pro, I think the quality of the product is going to be better. I have sold many Ouzo Pro's with no complaints. I have never suggested the Mizuno forks because I have heard nothing good about them.

Charlie Weisel
re: New Forks????zelig
Jan 5, 2002 10:41 AM
With all due respect to Charlie at Empire Bikes, distribution in the States of the Mizuno product is not good compared to Europe where the Mizuno fork is widely accepted as one of the best and the Ouzo, not unlike the Mizuno in the States, is rarely seen. The Flandres, like the Ouzo Pro, is all carbon including the crown and steerer. In fact in tests, the steerer wall thickness on the Mizuno is thicker than the Ouzo, FWIW, and consequently you must use the Mizuno bung. I own a Time Criterium (threaded), Look HSC-2 and a Mizuno with an alloy steerer. The Mizuno's quite nice and a bit more stable than the HSC-2.

All that being said, since you mentioned crit racing, I would recommend a look at the Columbus Muscle fork which is made in 1" and 1.125". It too is all carbon and very stiff from side to side. I've not ridden the fork but have seen the fork at my builder's shop and it's quite nice. The Columbus Carve has the same blades but has an alloy crown and comes with steel steerer in 1" and carbon in 1.125". A lot of riders in the UK and the Continent have been riding the Carve for the last couple of years including some guys at the Condor shop in London who recommend it highly. It's only available in 45mm rake but then again, the Ouzo's only available in 43mm.

Good luck