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Eggbeater Pedals(4 posts)

Eggbeater Pedalsnoexcuses
Jan 2, 2002 10:42 AM
Any experience out there for these pedals for a clydesdale?
I am considering new shoes/pedals and these were recommended. Any comments on the sturdiness of the pedal and cleat combination would help.
re: Eggbeater Pedalstubs
Jan 2, 2002 11:39 AM
I am currently using Eggbeater with great success. I have used just about every pedal available over many years, and Eggbeater is the only one whos limitations are acceptable. they are very very stiff and strong, and will have no problem with the heavier rider. The Q factor is about 5mm wider than most road dedicated pedals. This makes no difference to me, in fact I can't feel it when riding, but leads to their only disadvantage.....cornering clearance is slightly reduced. So best not used with a fixed wheel set-up. No problem on a normal geared set up though. I would describe the advantages as follows: Very light, Very stiff, Very smooth, Very direct power transfer from brass cleat, Dont look all beat up after a few rides, Super smooth clip-in with 4 point entry, Sweetest release on the planet, Cleats dont seem to wear, Dont squeak! What other pedal gives all that! Disadvantages: slight reduction in cornering clearance if you pedal round corners, they are making us wait for Ti version. If you dont have a stupid hang-up about image, buy them as fast as you can. I got mine from Great service there. I use them with Sidi shoes. If you want more info, post a question. Incidentally, I have just reached 600 miles on problems.
re: Eggbeater Pedalsmackgoo
Jan 2, 2002 12:51 PM
I have a pair for my cross bike but am still building it so no real experience. THey look well made and strong though.
My experience is good toospookyload
Jan 3, 2002 10:55 PM
As a life long time mtb pedal guy, I bought some to try the 4 sided pedal. The entry and release is as sweet as the time pedals. A lot of people worry about hot spots, but I rode mine for 3 hours Sunday, and noticed no problems with hot spots, and that is with a sidi mountain shoe that isn't as stiff as many. The only disadvantage I can see is with the bearing setup. They use one bearing and one bushing per pedal. From experience, bushings don't do well over the long hual like a bearing does. The time aliums were victim to this problem of bushings cracking and seizing. I called crank brothers about this, and they said the ti pedals will have two bearings per pedal, as well as futer stainless models.