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Columbus Starship/XLR8R vs. OCLV Frame(1 post)

Columbus Starship/XLR8R vs. OCLV FrameBenH
Jan 1, 2002 6:36 PM
How do these two compare ? It seems like Starship & XLR8R is the latest/greatest and lightest from Columbus. I've seen several of these listed and some for decent prices (e.g. Obrea & Viner). I currently have an OCLV and it's near as light as the Columbus frames (granted a few years older).

I'm looking for a Road frameset (vs Criterium) with a somewhat compliant ride. Can anyone recommend a value priced Starlight or XLR8R frame ?

P.S. Besides weight, how much do I give up if I go to a cheaper 853 frameset ?

Thanks in advance,


My appologies if this post is a duplicate. I didn't see my original show up.