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105 Vs. Ultegra(10 posts)

105 Vs. UltegraGeekRoadie
Dec 30, 2001 11:14 PM
I hope that I don't stir up too much commotion by asking this.

Having read all of the comments and opinions on this site and others I have narrowed down a bike with one of these two gruppos (105 & Ultegra). Is it worthwhile to spend an additional $200 to gain the Ultegra? I'm curious to see if there are owners of either who wished they had opted for one over the other.

On a side.. Would it reasonable to expect that the longevity of the 105 gruppo would be better since it is heavier. Convential wisdow would indicate so but...

Graciously Submitted,
What I've heardLeisure
Dec 31, 2001 4:53 AM
Previous years of Ultegra have had breakage problems with their STI levers. For this year, Shimano has updated the levers to be more like Dura-Ace which should negate that issue. The 105 levers however are not receiving this benefit. Otherwise the groups are awfully similar, and even the small weight difference probably won't have any huge effect on reliability. If I were going Shimano, I'd get the full Ultegra group, but if funds are tight, at least upgrade the levers.
Not happy with 105grandemamou
Dec 31, 2001 8:31 AM
I mainly use Campy but I made a foray into the world of Shimano with 105. My experiances were not good. In a couple of years I have had to replace headset,BB,right shifter and the finish on the cranks are very poor. I have a stronglight headset on a 15 y/o frame and it still works fine.

I don't have any experience with ultegra other than road tests, but many of the people ride with are happy with it. My best guess is the extra money for Ultegra will result in better finish and durability.

IMHO you should spend the most you can on the drive train and try to save money elsewhere, seat post,stem,handlebars,pedals etc. Items that don't take alot of abuse and are easy to upgrade later
re: 105 Vs. Ultegrajrm
Dec 31, 2001 8:42 AM
Im pretty happy with the 105 stuff. The STI and rear derailler interface is good. But the STI , front derailler is kinda slow. But its been a solid performer so far.

I changed the rear derallier out to ultegra only cuz i sucked the OE 105 one. And transferred the whole group to a + bike so time will tell.
BB's:Rusty McNasty
Dec 31, 2001 8:55 AM
105 BB's seem to me to be too d@mn lumpy. Ultegra BB's are much smoother, but DA BB's are too freakin' fragile.
As far as the rest of the 105 component line goes, though, they seem to be OK. A little heavier than Ultegra, but just as durable. Get an Ultegra BB when the 105 one falls apart.
re: 105 Vs. Ultegracyclaholic
Dec 31, 2001 10:07 AM
I have ridden almost 7,000 miles this year, most of it on Ultegra components and I can assure you that they are good quality, dependable components. I would suggest that you get the best quality gruppo that you can afford. I strongly suggest you pay the extra $200 bucks.

I have a bike hanging in my basement with a full 105 gruppo. It has performed well and has shown itself to be dependable.

But the Ultegra is lighter and has better quality. As mentioned by another the BB is very nice. My experience has shown me that you should get 4,000 trouble free miles out of that BB even if you ride it hard and in bad conditions.
re: Both good...Mike Prince
Dec 31, 2001 1:15 PM
But as the others have pointed out the Ultegra is a bit nicer. Expect the Ultegra to last a bit longer as its bearings/races are of higher quality and overall the group has a better finish than 105.

I rode the first half of the year (2000 miles) on my 105 bike then considered a full Ultegra bike until I bit the bullet and put Dura-Ace on my Steelman. Did a lot of test riding on Ultegra bikes and the levers are the best upgrade from the 105 group. Much more positive action. Everything else is pretty much a weight/aesthetics trade-off if you go with 105.

Again, if you're going to be piling on the miles go with Ultegra. That way you can have the perception of added longevity (others may argue that 105 will outlast Ultegra) and more importantly you may avoid upgrade fever in a year or so...

re: 105 Vs. UltegraBigLeadOutGuy
Dec 31, 2001 4:39 PM
I cant say anything abou the 105 but i just switched from campy to shimano (ultegra) and even though I only have about 100 miles on the new shimano stuff I think its shifts so fast and so quiet as compared to my campy stuff its scary. sometimes I dont even think it shifted and I hafta look at cassette just to make sure
take everyones advice that says to spend the extra money on the ultegra...200 bucks isnt alot so get the ultegra.
stay stoked
re: 105 Vs. Ultegra- Ultegra WinsGeekRoadie
Dec 31, 2001 6:05 PM
Thanks all. I decided to go with the the Ultegra gruppo and figured that it would be 200 well spent. Feels much better getting tips/suggestions from those who are experienced with this stuff.

In case your curious it was a toss up between the Giant TCR2 and the TCR1. Just took the TCR1 home and attacked a hill... It climbs like a billy goat :) It shifts like a buttered ninja since it is so smooth and quiet. Far cry from my Sora equipped bike.

Thanks again
re: 105 Vs. Ultegracampyman
Jan 4, 2002 7:31 PM
Given those two choices, I'd go w/ 105. If you're buying Shimano road components, you might-as-well spend as little as possible so you can buy a Campy gruppo when you become dis-satisfied w/ your original purchase.