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Ordered Campy Record: Now having second thoughts(15 posts)

Ordered Campy Record: Now having second thoughtsWaterboy
Dec 30, 2001 10:42 AM
I just ordered a Serotta Legend Ti. I first ordered it with Dura Ace and after much vacillating called and changed to Record. I don't really know why, but I feel like I should have kept the Dura Ace.
I have never owned a bike with STI or Ergo, my only personal experience was from test riding before my order. I rode Campy equipped bikes approximately 3 hours and Shimano equipped only 30 minutes. I liked the Campy O.K. but when I rode the Dura Ace it just shifted soooo smooth. I really didn't know what to do, but I knew I liked the flight deck with wireless cadence, so I placed my order.
After reading many post on "Dura Ace vs. Record" I changed my order. Now I'm feeling like I should have kept what I started with.
I changed my order based on what others that had owned both said. What is your opinion on my decisions? Should I change it back or leave it alone. I ordered a set of Ksyriums with campy hubs from La Bicicletta, but I could return and exchange for shimano hubs.
Confused, Waterboy
Campy Record, accept no substituteVintageGenX
Dec 30, 2001 10:50 AM
It's basically personal perf., but if you've been riding with ergo or STI in the past, it's hard to make the switch. Also, don't go by what the pros use, because of contacts with their team -- but, consider that tyler Hamilton had two ShimaNO rear derailleurs blow up on him in the past TdF.

I've ridden Campy for the past ~15 years and had not a single problem. I present have Record on two of my bike and will never consider ShimaNO. Up until a year or so ago, Campy only riders had limited choices for wheels; now, there are a lot more flavors.
re: Ordered Campy Record: Now having second thoughtsslomo
Dec 30, 2001 11:05 AM
Either or is good enough for Tour riders. They are both top of the line. In any discussion they will both have fans. My advice would be to stop 2nd guessing yourself. Forget about the bike until it arrives. You will be a convert to whichever-especially after stepping up from 15 year old technology. Breath deeply and visualize the waves crashing on the shore.The world doesnt end til tomorrow.
re: Ordered Campy Record: Now having second thoughtsWaterboy
Dec 30, 2001 11:36 AM
VintageGenX and slomo:

Thanks for your reply,

re: Ordered Campy Record: Now having second thoughtsmackgoo
Dec 30, 2001 11:46 AM
Sorry man, I could be kind and try to allay your fears, but with a post like this I gotta think you should go with Shimano.
Its all good...koala
Dec 30, 2001 12:16 PM
Campy has cache, carbon parts and maybe longevity in bearing life. The extra gear is a bonus. Keep it. You wont be sorry.
re: Ordered Campy Record: Now having second thoughtsmackgoo
Dec 30, 2001 12:30 PM
Ok, I appologize. Let me show you something. Do you know what this is? It's beauty, it represents longevity. You see you can rebuild campy, keep it forever. Pass it on to baby Tullio when he's old enough and WORTHY enough. You want to make you 9sp a 10sp? Replace a part, want to go from 10sp to 9sp again replace a part. You can almost always up date an older component to the newer specs at a fraction of the cost of a new component. Can't do that with any one else.
Get ahold of yourself, man!!!davidl
Dec 30, 2001 2:20 PM
Don't subject yourself to buyer's remorse. Your first decision is the right one. Stay with Record!! Enjoy the ride.
You'll be finegrandemamou
Dec 30, 2001 2:53 PM
I don't think you could have gone wrong with either. But you won't be disappointed. Some love the smooth shifting of DA, but I prefer the much more direct mechanical feel of Record. DA just felt "squishy" to me. Campy is a little harder to get set up right but when you do set it up you appreciate the finish and the details.

It may take you a while to get used to it but once you get the hang of it it will be tough to go back. At least it was for me. The ability to trim the FD and be able to shift multiple gears is a real plus. I love to climb but what I like is the ability to slam all the way down to a 53/12 at the crest of a hill and motor down.
Let the levers be your guideDoubleK
Dec 30, 2001 3:11 PM
Really, it's pretty simple, especially since you rode both set-ups. Which levers felt better to you? I personally ride Record and would never consider Dura-Ace. Why? Because I can't stand the shape of the shifter bodies and long levers on STI. For me, STI shifters mount at an upward angle which I just don't like unless you slide them way down on the bars (a la Sean Yates) and then I can't reach the levers easily. The Campy Ergo bodies feel so much better in my hands. I think everything else aside, this is what you should base your decision on. Remember, you will be holding on to these babies about 80% of the time you are riding so choose wisely. Either way, you will still have a sweet ride.

Good Luck!
a big step up!C-40
Dec 30, 2001 4:05 PM
Congratulations on a wise decision. You won't regret it.

Campy ergo levers take a little more effort to shift, but the feel is certainly more positive. The thumb buttons work great.

You'll also appreciate that extra gear (unless you got an 11T which is a waste for most of us). The 12-25 will handle just about any kind of terrain.
re: Ordered Campy Record: Now having second thoughtstexbaz
Dec 30, 2001 4:40 PM
I orderd a LS ultimate this year, but I could only get in Shimano, I wanted Campy for all the reasons others have given and Yes the Virtual cadence and FlightDeck is a very nice feature But it's just a another gadget the real core of the drive train is what is important to me rebuilding, service,componet live,warranty, If I had the choice I would opt for the Campy, and to make things more complicated my shimano has operated Perfect. Now, that's how I see it, no leaving it up you line, stay with the Campy you will enjoy it.
The Worst Decision is an Indecision!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 30, 2001 5:00 PM
Both work just as well as one another...The record stuff is soooo rad....with the carbon levers and rear derailer....did you get the carbon cranks? Those things were sent from the heavens! I wanna build a colnago dream plus with all record stuff and those rad carbon cranks!
You made a good choice...your going to be very happy with it...dont listen to anyone who says one is better than the other...they both work equally as well...they both have their quirks. If one was better than the other than there would only be one brand to you think that pro cyclists would use something that they didnt think would work well enough to put them on the podium?
You made your choice and your going to be very happy...dont worry about it!
Alright, here's what you SHOULD have done:Leisure
Dec 31, 2001 4:44 AM
RIDE THEM BOTH MORE BEFORE YOU BUY!!! Don't ever drop so much cash without trying out all your options and being as educated as possible on what you're doing first. You lucked out big-time this go-round because this is one decision that's great either way. You won't always be so lucky.
My opinion: I'm biased against Shimano because of mediocre longevity experiences with their mtb equipment. For road conditions they probably would've been fine, but I went with Campy and am happy I did. Most of the difference in shifting has been aesthetic, and I had my Campy-stuff put together by people that were as experienced with Campy as they were with Shimano so that familiarity wouldn't be a factor in the setup.
For some more overt propaganda: Don't go back to Shimano hubs. (I don't think you can anyway as they aren't compatible with Campy 10-speed.) Campy's hubs are, in my opinion, their biggest strength versus Shimano. They're significantly lighter, have modestly better engagement, roll smoother, and will last longer. (They even lose the "me-too" sound of Shimano hubs, if you're into irrelevant trivialties like me.) The only downside is that maintainence on a Campy rear hub is more complicated and more people are better off getting them serviced by their LBS. That's what most people do anyway.
Mavic was clearly the right choiceCrankist
Dec 31, 2001 11:40 AM