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Shimano cassete with Campy drivetrain?? Or....................(7 posts)

Shimano cassete with Campy drivetrain?? Or....................davet
Dec 29, 2001 3:55 PM
I know this question must have been asked/answered a jillion times, but I never paid attention to it because it didn't pertain to me. Now it does. I just bought a new Campy Daytona triple group and I just realized that I have only Shimano compatible wheels! Can I use my Campy stuff with Shimano cassetes? Is there a reasonable altenative? Do I have to buy at least a Campy compatible rear wheel? Help! And thanks!
Wheels Manf. cassette is the answer to your question...Cima Coppi
Dec 29, 2001 4:24 PM
You can get a Wheels Manufacturing cassette for use on a Shimano compatible hub with the Campy drive train. The best site on the planet to get more information about this is Branford Bike. The link is below:

Good luck,

re: Shimano cassete with Campy drivetrain?? Or....................davet
Dec 29, 2001 11:37 PM
I should have clarified: My Campy drive train is 9-speed. I would like to use the 9-speed Shimano cassettes I have, if possible. Or 8-speed shimano cassettes.
re: Shimano cassete with Campy drivetrain?? Or....................Trent in WA
Dec 30, 2001 12:06 AM
IIRC, when I asked a similar question on a few months ago, the answer I got was that Campy and Shimano 9-speed groups were pretty compatible--you just want to make sure to use Shimano chains with Shimano cassettes, mutatis mutandis. However, you can't use Campy cassettes on Shimano hubs, and vice versa. (Lotsa Latin tonight, eh?)

Hope this helps,
Dec 30, 2001 4:41 PM
I had this same problem. Mavic makes a cassette that is campy compatable but will fit on a shimano freehub body. The cassette comes spaced for 10 speed. But, they also include 8 and 9 speed spacing kits. So you simply space the cassette for whatever drivetrain you have and remove the unused cogs. I have record 8 speed and use a shimano dura-ace chain. I have found that it shifts better than a campy chain. I think that you will find the cassette to shift like butter. Hope this helps......

re: Shimano cassete with Campy drivetrain?? Or....................BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 30, 2001 5:07 PM
rumor has it that the spacing for campy and shimano 9 speeds are the same...I had campy stuff with a shimano cassette and it worked ok but didnt seem right for some reason...maybe it was just me thou
i dont like mixing components...all shimano or all campy
re: Shimano cassete with Campy drivetrain?? Or....................TOSH
Dec 30, 2001 11:31 PM
Don't hasitate, you can use Shimano cassette with Campy drive train even though the spacing is a bit different.
I have just finished to assemble my new bike with Campy Record drive train, TA aluminum cassette which is Shimano spacing and SRAM PC-89R chain which is reccomended by TA.
This setting works pretty fine. I think it is better than Shimano D/A7700 whole set on my other bike. TIP is you should adjust the cable tension on 5th gear instead of 2nd gear which is instructed on Shimano's manual.
Before I decide this combination, I took a look at many related thread on this matter and found no big issue.