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another chain question(5 posts)

another chain questionweiwentg
Dec 29, 2001 4:50 AM
I installed a SRAM PC-59 chain on my bike. at one point, I perhaps got a bit overzealous and cleaned my chain weekly in acetone. and now, unless I grease it every few rides, it squeaks like a mouse being tortured. it's still rideable and shifts normally, but that squeaking...
did I screw my chain up big time? is the PC-59 chain a piece of crap (don't think so)? or is it just my bad luck? before anyone asks, I don't mash the pedals, and I weigh 120 pounds, so even if I did it wouldn't make a difference.
Acetone???Rusty McNasty
Dec 29, 2001 7:12 AM
Geez, you really must be a neat-freak!!
Seriously, a citrus based cleaner is all you need. If you are using a wax-based lube, then acetone is a lousy cleaner to use. Of course, wax lubes do tend to squeak unless you lube the chain every 50 miles or so. You really do have to put a little lube on the chain every time you ride, you know.
And, yes, the PC 59 is a cheaper chain. Try a better one.
clean and lube...C-40
Dec 29, 2001 8:03 AM
Mineral spirits (oil-base paint thinner) is an appropriate and much cheaper solvent for cleaning a chain. It won't damage your bike's paint as acetone may.

I use a mixture of 4 to 5 parts mineral spirits to one part synthetic motor oil to "clean and lube" the chain. Apply the mixture heavily, to the lower section of chain between the rear derailleur and the crank. Catch the excess with a folded paper towel, held under the chain. Wipe each section of the chain, before rotating the crank to the next section. When the entire chain has been lubed, spin the cranks several turns, wiping with the wet towel. The wet towel can also be used to clean the cogs, derailleur pulleys and chainrings. Follow up with a dry towel. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. If done at least once a week (more often in dirty conditions), the chain will never need removal for additional cleaning and there will never be any lubricant build-up. If you happen to neglect the chain for more than a week, apply the lube twice, to enhance the cleaning effect. The lubing should be done after riding, to allow time for the mineral spirits to evaporate (leaving only a thin coating of oil) before the next ride. This stuff is a wet lube, so expect a slight wet/black look to the chain after riding. A wipe with a dry towel after each ride will keep the chain looking good.

I've used this process for the last 3 seasons. It yields excellent chain life.
Do not use mineral spiritsRusty McNasty
Dec 29, 2001 11:11 AM
If you are using a wax lubricant-it will dissolve the wax, and leave you unlubricated!
Of course, mineral spirits are fine for those using oil-based lubes.
Do not use mineral spiritsweiwentg
Dec 29, 2001 5:10 PM
ah, so I HAVE screwed the chain up! :(
at the time, I was using white lightning. now I'm usin boeshield T9, which I believe is oil based... and I don't drop my chain in acetone so much. would kerosene be a better idea, then?