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ExcelSports 'Threat' or 'Cirrus' experience??(6 posts)

ExcelSports 'Threat' or 'Cirrus' experience??LacticBurn
Dec 26, 2001 1:03 PM
Any experience out there with ExcelSports' 'Threat' or Cirrus wheelsets? The components they're built from seem top notch... I'm more curious about the quality of the build job and would appreciate any input.

re: ExcelSports 'Threat' or 'Cirrus' experience??S.F.G.
Dec 27, 2001 3:16 AM
I've been riding a set of Cirrus' for over a year now, no complaints. I'm 200+lbs give or take a beer and have not had to touch them at all in over 5000 miles
re: ExcelSports 'Threat' or 'Cirrus' experience??Mike Prince
Dec 27, 2001 6:59 AM
I also have a set of Cirrus's. I'm about 200 lbs. and have over 3000 miles on mine since July. I had to do some touch-up truing over the first 1000 miles or so, but haven't had to touch them since. Build quality was top-notch and I have had no problems with the Revolution spokes although they make wheel truing a bit more time consuming than I am used to.

I would buy another set of wheels (Cirrus or otherwise) built by Excel without hesitation. Hope this helps.

3X lacing...Crankist
Dec 28, 2001 6:50 AM
is usually what they offer. This has proven to be a solid no-nonsense approach w/
zero hassles on my Excel CK/OPs. Takes about a week if they're not stock.
2x/3x on Cirrus, 3x on Threat...Mike Prince
Dec 28, 2001 10:08 AM
The Cirrus front wheel is laced 2x with 32 Revo spokes, the rear is 3x with 14/15 on drive side and revo's on the non-drive side (32 spokes). Threats are 3x/32 spokes all around with all revo spokes (I think). IMO the 14/15's on the drive side have kept my Cirrus's solid thus far.
re: ExcelSports 'Threat' or 'Cirrus' experience??SnowBlind
Jan 1, 2002 8:34 PM
Check out the custom builds as well. That way yuo can pick and choose. Get the catalog .pdf, and look at the chart, it lists all hubs against all rims that they sell, and then extras, such as DT spokes or oval spokes.

The build quality is top notch. I have OpenPro/15-14/record hubs with 5000+ miles on them, not one broken spoke. Oh, and I have weighed 265-225 while riding them. Tough as nails.

They spoke prep, use velox tapes, and have a good return policy and can do stuff like 2x front and 3x back if you are into that kind of thing.