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So let's talk chains, 9 speed width in particular(4 posts)

So let's talk chains, 9 speed width in particularCima Coppi
Dec 26, 2001 9:05 AM
I'm in the process of building up my CX bike, and I will be using the Campy Chorus 9 drivetrain. In searching for a chain, there are several to choose from, and different mail order houses recommend different chains. I'd like some opinions on what you have used for a high quality chain that will be durable for the rigors of cyclocross, and yet be relatively easy to maintain.

Here are the options I have researched:

Rohloff SLT99 (Highly recommended by Branford Bike)
Sachs PC-89R (Recommended from Excel, and I have always had great success with Sachs chains)
Campy C9

As always, your opinions are greatly appreciated


re: So let's talk chains, 9 speed width in particularzelig
Dec 26, 2001 10:29 AM
I've run a 9 spd DA setup for exactly one year thanks to Santa in 2000 and have used a PC-89 chain. I've gotten 5,000 miles on the chain and only in the last month has it not given great performance. I clean and lube the chain regularly with intervals of between 300-450 miles using ProLink (works well but noisier than others). I ride everyday (missed only 12 days due to rain) in London where it's dirty and wet, and almost never wipe down the chain after each ride although this is nothing compared to XC.

It's not just the performance or longevity of the chain which makes it attractive but the ease of cleaning thanks to the PowerLink. Even if you do use one of the other chains, you still might be able to use the PowerLink.

My chain whip still has a length of Regina Oro for 5 spd freewheels. As a result, I continue to be amazed at the performance and longevity of these narrow chains. My guess is you'll be fine with any one of the chains mentioned to then it's a question of value.
it's just a freakin chainnfm-
Dec 26, 2001 10:58 AM
it's not like just beacuse you ride cx it's at any greater risk to break fer crissakes
Easy choiceKerry Irons
Dec 26, 2001 4:32 PM
Go on price. I've used the Record 9 and the Sachs PC99 (equivalent to PC89R, I think) both with good luck. Not quite as durable as Record 9, but I got the Sachs on sale at $20 each, so that was a good deal. But a Record 9 at $29 is reasonable too. I got 12K miles out of my last Record 9 chain/Chorus steel cassette, so the cost is not large. Have not used Rohloff, but they used to supply chains to Campy, so they make a good product. You won't go wrong with these three - look for sales.