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Handlebar/Stem question(3 posts)

Handlebar/Stem questionKurtVF
Dec 22, 2001 7:47 PM
Are 31.7 mm (center section) bars much of an advantage, in other words is the less flex noticable?? Also, are the stems that attach the bars with 4 bolts (like the Deda Newton) better/stiffer than the ones that use only 2 bolts?? Thanks.
I have been using an ITM Millenium bar and a 3TTT Zepp stem,bill
Dec 24, 2001 8:55 AM
about 25.8 mm diam (or something like that), and it is stiff. I am no lightweight, either (about 165-170 lbs, depending on how much I've been enjoying myself), with a carbon steerer, no less, although I may not throw my bike around as much as others (I like to keep the bike underneath me, thank you very much). Others have complained that the Millenium bar is "noodly," but the combination has been rock solid. I attribute the feel to the stem, which has "only" two bolts on the faceplate but is just plain well-designed, I guess.
Thompson Stemjagiger
Dec 27, 2001 5:38 PM
I needed a shorter stem & my lbs recommended the Thompson as the Coda creeked when pushed on the hills. No problems with the Thompson though. FWIW, I weigh in at 170-185 & I thought that I once saw Lance pictured with a 4 bolt stem on a Mt ride.