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Wheelset for 200lb'er...suggestions, please...(9 posts)

Wheelset for 200lb'er...suggestions, please...SubStandard
Dec 21, 2001 12:44 PM
any other heavyweights out there that can reccomend a good wheelset at a good combination of performance/price/value? I'm not racing, just training recreationally and doing the occasional group ride. Need something tough enough for New England roads...any ideas?
No fewer than 32 spokes, for surecory
Dec 21, 2001 12:50 PM
I'm about 220, but I've been as high as 260, and I haven't had any luck at all with fewer than 32 spokes. If you're much over 200 or ride on bad roads, 36 is a good idea. Haven't noticed much difference between specific componenents (assuming decent quality), though there certainly would be some at higher stress levels. I'm pretty much just riding around, too.
Also, I've also broken some alloy nipples, just snapped them in half, so I use brass now.
I AgreeSoftrider
Dec 21, 2001 1:07 PM
All of the low spoke count wheels are great if you weigh 140lbs., but they just are not made for us big guys.

I would look at something like Mavic Open Pro's laced on a good set of hubs. I have a set, and they are rock solid.
re: Wheelset for 200lb'er...suggestions, please...Sprockets2
Dec 21, 2001 1:41 PM
For big guys and long term durability I prefer the aero- or v-shaped rim cross-section. They are, by design, a bit stronger than the standard or semi-aero. Although I like my Mavic Open rims, they are not as stable or precise as any of my aero rims, including my current fav, the Velocity Deep-V rims which are on sale at Nashbar right now. These are not lightweights, but the combo of added rigidity and gyro-effect of some extra rotating mass make them better than my Open Pros in all conditions.

Pick up some nice hubs (Exel sports has a DA front hub for $39) and lace em up 3x with DT 14/15. 32h is probably all that you need if you have a good aero rim.
re: Wheelset for 200lb'er...suggestions, please...Bernie
Dec 21, 2001 6:36 PM
I would also go with the open pro's or if you want something even more solid, Mavic makes a mountain size rim for a road bike (touring rim). They used to be called 217's, but this year they have a different number.
re: Wheelset for 200lb'er...suggestions, please...indianabob
Dec 21, 2001 8:16 PM
I hover around 210lbs (195 when I'm fit, 225 in chunky times), and after 12 years of riding, discovered straight pull spokes. I've found that sooner, rather than later, my regular DT spokes broke off at the bend where they meet the hub. Straight pull spokes don't have this problem. I bought a pair of Mavic Classics Elites, three springs ago, and except for a factory freehub rebuild, and a little truing now and then, they have been bombproof. I've got about 5K on them, and they've changed my life (well, not really, but you get the idea). I think mavic calls them Classics SSC now. Look for them online, onsale, and you'll love them. Good luck!
re: Wheelset for 200lb'er...suggestions, please...sprockets
Dec 23, 2001 11:52 AM
A few points:
I have heard from several wheel guys, and no less than wheel-guy-to-the-pros Gerd Schraner (in his book) advocate 14/15 or 14/16 spokes because the shaft of the spoke will do its spring-like action and not overstress the head of the spoke-where yours broke. Straight guage (not straight PULL) put too much stress (pulling and torquing) on the head before they are fully doing their spring-thing.

Except for the common hub failures the Classics do seem like nice wheels. I would prefer to get a great hub and build from there.

As a big guy, I think that we should take advantage of the stronger hubs that are made today and get an aero-type hub with a good vertical x-section. The Velocity Deep V is a bit heavy, but it meets my commuting/training needs and the front end is stiffer and more precise than the handling that my Open Pros (28F/32R) can provide.
When ya find some...send them my way =)BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 22, 2001 7:24 PM
I hate them...the first nasty bump i hit and they are wasted =(
Im 6`4`` and between 235-245 the best ive had so far are mavic open pros....get them 36 hole and all 14 guage spokes 3x laced...that should be pretty solid
good luck
re: Wheelset for 200lb'er...suggestions, please...JimP
Dec 27, 2001 2:01 PM
Sun Mistral rims are aero (V), light, and very strong. They can be almost bulletproof when laced with DT blades on Phil Wood hubs.