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record ti post creaks all the time(8 posts)

record ti post creaks all the timecolker
Dec 21, 2001 8:54 AM
lube with ti prep. then it slips . tight the bolt. the bolt (ti, record, came with post) brakes inside the lug. takes me 2 hours to take off the bolt from frame.
take the ti prep off and lube with park grease. now it only creaks...
any ideas? thanks
Not sure if this helps, but....Cima Coppi
Dec 21, 2001 10:15 AM
My record carbon post creaked, and a member of this board suggested the issue was the seat rails creaking where they are held in the clamp. I lubed them up with white lith, and the creak has never returned.

Good luck

Not sure if this helps, but....Dave Hickey
Dec 21, 2001 10:57 AM
I had the same problem with a Record Carbon. It was the saddle rails.
ok, i'll grease those rails.colker
Dec 21, 2001 2:01 PM
that creak has to go. thanks!!
ok, i'll grease those rails.hinaults dog
Dec 22, 2001 5:54 AM
mine creaked for a while- then it broke!
check the lower cradle, with a bit of luck its
just the seat rails.
ok, i'll grease those rails.colker
Dec 22, 2001 8:11 AM
so much for campagnolo perfection.. i wonder if a dura ace post gives this kind of trouble.
D/A post problemsEric
Dec 24, 2001 10:33 AM
The D/A 7410 seatpost (Easton tubing) also has problems. Several people have reported the bond between the post and the clamp head will break down over time, resulting in creaking, a "loose" saddle, or even the clamp and seat separating from the post. Could be nasty!

I really like the design of the Thomson post, even with the bend in the tube. It is simple, infinitely adjustable (no notches), very light, and very strong. I just wish they could incorporate a little more setback into it. I cannot achieve proper position with the Thomson on a frame with a seat tube steeper than 73 degrees.
Neanderthal you are, Duh...Patrick
Dec 27, 2001 1:55 PM
The issue is not with the seatpost nor the rails but your poorly made frame! The tolerence for the diameter of the seat tube is such that the combination of the excellent quality Campy post and the obvious inferior (and thus over sized diameter) frame are such that neither will work. The tolerence on the frame is probably in excess of .025" oversized so as no matter how much you tighten the clamp you will never tighten down enough to firmly to stop the post from slipping. Furthermore, breaking the clamp bolt shows the extent of the torque applied or the extent of the pinch to the seatpost. You should not be so critical of the exceptional high quality of the Campagnolo product when it is the operator who is at clear fault...
A clueless Neanderthal you are. Shame on you!