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MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???(12 posts)

MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???dealy663
Dec 20, 2001 10:45 PM

I'll be getting a road bike soon (what I don't know) and am wondering if there are any REAL disadvantages to using MTB pedals and shoes instead of buying new road pedals and shoes. I currently use Time ATAC pedals and Sidi Dominator 2 shoes.

Do the Time Equipe pedals work with the Time ATAC cleats and shoes?

Thanks, Derek
when you wear size 50, you take what you can getcory
Dec 20, 2001 11:11 PM
Purists will sneer at you, but it doesn't cause any problems. I wear size 15/50 shoes, and for years I couldn't find cycling shoes at all. When Specialized finally started making making mountain shoes, I bought four pairs of them and used them for everything until they wore out. The bike still went uphill slow and downhill fast.
What kind of riding?McAndrus
Dec 21, 2001 5:37 AM
For racing or fast recreational group riding, I'd go with road pedals: lighter, more secure.

For touring or casual recreational road riding, mtb shoes and cleats work fine. I've done this when riding with the wife. We get to walk around the antique shops and such.
re: MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???davet
Dec 21, 2001 8:17 AM
I have two Serottas and a Trek, all equipped with Speedplay Frog MTB pedals. Using MTB pedals and shoes allows me to walk when I have reached my destination without looking like a 'goosed' duck. Seriously, other than getting ragged on by your roadie "friends", I can't think of a downside to using MTB pedals and shoes.
re: MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???NRG Climber
Dec 21, 2001 2:23 PM
I'm in the same boat as you Derek. I have been riding MTB for some time and using Time ATAC too. Now that I am getting into road I too want to keep the MTB shoes. First off, at least I can walk in the d**n things like a normal person, and second because I want to save a few bucks. The only Time road pedals that use the same cleats are the TIME Cyclo according to Time.

Now after reading the other posts I guess we get to look forward to teasing from the roadies. Well, I offer them a race, on foot, to the closest tavern - loser buys!
re: MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???gk02
Dec 21, 2001 6:58 PM
i used my mountain pedals and shoes when i first got my road bike, but now i have some road shoes and pedals, other than the weight i havent noticed much difference. My mountain shoes arent a whole lot better to walk around in then my road shoes, theyre both stiff and pretty uncomfortable.
re: MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???Bernie
Dec 21, 2001 8:26 PM
I have mountain pedals all around on my three bikes. The only problem is that sometimes I'm over come with this incredible urge, which I cannot resist, to ride my road bike off road. The next thing I know, I'm flying down some rocky hill on my expensive colnago. I always end up destroying road rims. But hey, that's the price you pay for putting mountain pedals on road bikes.
re: MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???NRG Climber
Dec 21, 2001 8:33 PM

I think I've seen you in the recent Nike Lance Armstrong commercial. Were you the dude falling off the log? :)
re: MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???BrianU
Dec 22, 2001 8:30 PM
In theory, dedicated road shoe/pedal combinations offer a larger, more secure platform. For some pedals, I can buy off on the larger platform, but I seriously doubt that your ATACs are less secure than any road pedal out there. Roadbike shoes also offer more ventilation than mtb shoes, as well as being lighter. Not much difference in weight between road and mountainbike pedals. You can find pretty light pedals for both. IMHO, if you are planning on spending the majority of your riding either racing or riding with a group that is training for racing, the dedicated road shoe/pedal combo has a slight edge that is worth looking into. In other words, you will not be putting yourself in a situation that requires you to walk around very much while in your riding gear.
But if you are going to be riding for fun, charity events and Saturday mourning rides with friends that end up at the local coffee shop, I think be able to walk somewhat comfortably outweighs any advantage roadshoes and pedals offer. The key is making sure you get shoes with good stiff soles, which I think your Sidis are definitely up to the task. I bought a new Lemond last year, along with Speedplay x-2's and Sidi Genius 3 shoes. Good stuff, but I think this summer is going to see the Speedplay Frogs and Diadora Chili Pros, from my old Cannondale, on the Lemond. Know anybody looking for a good deal on some x-2's and a pair of 43.5 Sidis?
Funny you should ask.....Kirk
Dec 24, 2001 7:34 AM
I just got my first road bike this weekend and was swaying back and fourth, road pedals road shoes or mtb pedals and shoes. What I thing I am going to do is put on the new egg beater pedals on my road bike and install the cleats on a road shoe (Sidi genius 3), this should be a very effective, stiff and light combo. The only downside I can see is the slight loss in cornering angle while peddeling.

Never never nevertubs
Dec 25, 2001 2:11 AM
You should never never use mtb pedals on a road bike. Mtb pedals and shoes are much too safe in traffic, far too easy to walk in, far too comfortable, far too easy to use, and much too cheap. No street cred at all! Oh, and Sidi + Eggbeater perform much too well. Also mtb cleats dont wear out much, so no excuse to keep spending money.
re: MTB shoes and pedals on road bike???fatnacker
Jan 3, 2002 5:10 AM
I use sid1 techno road shoes and ghost? mtb shoes with vp pedals road & mtb versions. The only difference being the road shoes have stiffer soles and are therefore more comfy on the small pedal platforms.