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Question on Pedals.........(7 posts)

Question on Pedals.........Kirk
Dec 19, 2001 5:36 AM
Getting my first road bike so need some info on pedals.
Why are they different from MTB pedlas? Different to make them more Aero and no worries about mud? I have used for my MTB Shimano SPD and Time ATACS and LOVE the ATACS (disliked the SPD's). Any recommendations for a road pedal? I have been looking at Speedplay X2's, but dont want to be narrow minded and leave out some other good options.

re: Question on Pedals.........brider
Dec 19, 2001 6:38 AM
The difference is usually because of lack of needed mud clearing, and cornering clearance (as well as weight savings). There's nothing wrong with using a MTB pedal on the road, but be aware that you will be giving up some cornering clearance. I've seen crit riders use double sided MTB pedals to get a better start, though Speedplays (and Bebops, and Coombes) would fit that bill as well. If you like ATACS, then I'd say go ahead and use them. Pedals are almost as individual as saddles. I could name any pedal out there, and any one person would either swear by them, or swear at them.
re: Question on Pedals.........pmf1
Dec 19, 2001 6:50 AM
For riding a road bike, road bike pedals work best. They are usually a bit lighter and have a larger platform than mtn bike pedals. However, they usually have cleats that make walking around very difficult. Some people use mtn bike pedals on their road bike for that reason. The shoes are more comfy to walk around in. When I go on tours, or commute, I use Time mtn bike pedals for that reason. For long road rides, I prefer Time road pedals.

Using ATACS might not look too stylin, but they'll work just fine and you won't have to buy another pair of shoes. A decent bargain in road pedals are Look. You can get the pedals for $100, or less and find the cleats anywhere. Don't get the ones with on-the-fly adjustment (it doesn't work). Personally, those Speedplays don't look too comfortable to me. I like a bigger platform.
re: Question on Pedals.........Jay
Dec 19, 2001 11:23 AM
I used to use a set of Time ATAC carbons on all my bikes, my mountain bikes and my commuter (road) bike. But recently I got a set of Crank Bros eggbeaters for my road bike because they are similar to the ATACs, just cheaper (than the Carbons) and lighter. Supposedly, if you like the ATACs, the eggbeaters are a natural fit. I got mine from Speedgoat who has them for $95 and free shipping. But I used to use the ATACs on my road bike and have done plenty of centuries on MTB pedals and on MTB shoes. I recently just bought some road-specific shoes from Northwave but have yet to try them out with the eggbeaters yet. So I would add the Bebops if you're looking at the X-2's since they're very similar in design and the eggbeaters if you are looking at the ATACs to your list. Be aware that one problem with Bebops is their cleat itself might not work with all MTB shoes, depending on their spike pattern. Both the speedplay and Bebop cleats are fairly big and the pedal will click in a little recessed into the cleat, at least in comparison to a ATAC or Eggbeater cleat. The Bebop cleat is really recessed such that sometime the shoe will rub against the axle of the pedal so a little shaving had to be done on certain shoes. Bebop has more about this on their website anyway and also compatibility notes.

Additional question on the egg beaters....Kirk
Dec 20, 2001 6:26 AM
I just received a set of the Egg Beaters early this week for my MTB bike and though they would be graeat on a road bike.
Will the 2 bolt cleats fit onto a road shoe?
Is there much of a loss in leaning angle between a MTB pedal, specificall the egg beaters, and a regular road pedal.

Thanks for all you help
Don't worry about itmclements
Dec 19, 2001 7:02 PM
The reality is that there are differences between the two but like most differences in equipment, they don't matter as much as people like to think. Pick whatever pedal and shoe are comfortable and convenient and don't worry about it. If you can find one that is compatible with your MTN bike even better, you can wear the same shoes for both bikes.

As for cornering, anybody who is lifting the inside crank correctly in a turn is not going to have any problems with cornering -- even if you are the kind of madman who passes sports cars and motorcycles on the downhills, just lift the inside crank and don't worry about it.
Road or MTN.......vitusdude
Dec 21, 2001 7:30 AM
If speed is your primary consideration, road pedals and shoes are usually lighter than their mountain bike counterparts; sometimes significantly. If you want to be able to hop off the bike and walk comfortably, mountain shoes would be a better choice. It is your choice: after all is said, bikes are bikes.