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Best shoe for the $$$$(16 posts)

Best shoe for the $$$$Kirk
Dec 18, 2001 11:41 AM
There are a wide range of shoes and prices. Many favorites are in the $150-250.00 range. This is kind of a very general question, but what is a real good shoe for the money, ie best bang for the buck!

The one that fits the best...Cima Coppi
Dec 18, 2001 11:52 AM
No $200+ shoe is worth anything if it does not fit your foot. All of the high quality shoes, Northwave, Carnac, Sidi, Diadora, etc all have different lasts that fit different feet.

Find the one that fits the best, and stick with it.

Try then buyEric
Dec 18, 2001 1:11 PM
Agree with Cima Coppi - it is the fit that matters. Having said that, it will also be a function of your pedal choice. For example, if you use Time or Speedplay pedals your best choices are Time shoes or Sidi shoes because they give the lowest sole-spindle distance. If you use SPD-R, the Shimano shoes are the best dedicated shoe requiring no adapter, but they are not a good choice for Time or Speedplay pedals. Look pedals work well with all shoes but some adapters give greater sole-spindle distance than others. Etc, etc.
I'll bite ...tarwheel
Dec 18, 2001 2:14 PM
If they fit you right, the SIDI Genius 3 shoes are a great deal for the money right now. You can get them from overseas dealers (eg., for about $100, or at for about $130 right now. They're on sale because SIDI has come out with a G4 model, but I think there are few differences between the models.

The ratchet clamp on the SIDIs really makes for a good fit. If you've narrow or regular width feet, go for the regular G3s. If your feet are wider, go for the Mega sizes.
Sidi GeniusMcAndrus
Dec 18, 2001 3:19 PM
Others say the ones that fit best. I can't imagine not being able to fit into a Sidi Genius. The regular fits my narrow feet beautifully. If you have wide feet they have a mega version.

I also have a pair of Northwaves and have used Shimano in the past. I'd recommend Sidi in a heartbeat.
Sidi Geniusgtx
Dec 18, 2001 3:31 PM
I never liked Sidis all that much. Never found them to be that comfortable or durable. Also think the ratchet design is silly. But I love Carnacs--heavy and expensive but super solid and supportive. And over the past few years I've managed to convert some of my former Sidi wearing friends to Carnacs. Anyway, just goes to prove--everyone is different.
Sometimes I hestitateMcAndrus
Dec 18, 2001 6:46 PM
Sometimes I hestitate to laud a product because I may like it for a purely personal reason. Shoes are a good example.

I have a biker buddy who wears Carnacs and is very happy with them. He even agrees that they're heavy but he says the soles are super stiff and the fit is super comfy.

Hard to argue with that, I guess. It's just that my Geniuses are such a good fit ..... okay, I'll stop now.
Dec 18, 2001 8:35 PM
"Also think the ratchet design is silly." I understand that not everyone loves the fit, but I've never heard of anyone who didn't like the adjustability of the G3. The ratchet system is one of my favorite features of the G3. However, I must admit that the new buckles that were introduced in 2001 seem to be problematic. Although they are slightly more adjustable, they seem to be pretty fragile. I have already broken two in about six months. Fortunately Veltec replaced them without charge. Others on the VN board reported the same problem with the new buckles. Fortunately the old G3 buckles will also work in the new shoes. The original buckles still work flawlessly on my six-year-old pair of G3s. If I pop another new buckle, I'm going back to the old reliable buckles.
Dec 19, 2001 9:23 AM
well, yeah, I know a lot of people who love them, and I admit I haven't really been paying attention to all the design permutations over the last few years. All I can say is there is nothing funnier than watching some guy at a mtb race look for part of his exploded buckle in the mud (ok, maybe that's mean). Personally, I like those big fat Carnac velcro straps.
Dec 18, 2001 3:59 PM
Shimano has been a very good value in my book. However, I still favor the Sidi shoes for some of the features and the slighlty better fit - for me. Lately there have been some screaming blow-out deals on Shimano shoes - just be advised that they run a tyad narrow (which is why I like them).
Dec 18, 2001 9:00 PM
Guess I'm just used to the extra room found in mtb shoes, but every other manufacturer's shoes seemed to bind, pinch or rub me somewhere, and I knew it would drive me crazy as the miles began to pile up. So I sprung for the Carnacs, and have never regretted it.

Dec 19, 2001 9:24 AM
they are famous for giving you a lot of extra toe room, while still being crazy supportive.
Another Carnac fanDrD
Dec 20, 2001 4:26 AM
Went through two pairs of Specialized comp road shoes (sole separating from shoe) before getting a pair of Carnac Ellipses - very very very nice shoes - other than the normal scuffs and scrapes, they are still good as new after a year! (can't say the same for the specialized shoes...) very comfortable, esp. if you have big feet (I take a 48)

Shoes are definitely one of those things you want to try before you buy - mail order is cheaper, but a poorly fitting shoe is nothing but trouble, no matter what the cost!
A bargain isn't a bargain ...pmf1
Dec 19, 2001 6:39 AM
unless it fits. Like saddles, shoes are very person specific. What fits one, won't fit another. I recall getting a steal on a pair of Sidi (???) 2 shoes on close-out when the Sidi (???) 3 were being rolled out. Half price, how could I resist? I was able to stand them for about 3 painful months before I gave them to a friend and bought some Carnacs. They were just too narrow and I hated the dumb buckle. In the end, I would have been better off paying full retail for the Carnacs.

Road bike shoes last so long that you're better off getting something nice that you'll be comfortable wearing for a long time.
re: Best shoe for the $$$$Jay
Dec 19, 2001 11:26 AM
I just got a pair of Northwave Concorde on clearence from Excelsports for $100. My MTB shoes are a pair of Diadora Jalapeno II's which I got for like $50 and they have lasted like 5 years so far although they are really torn and worn out in the sole and the fabric is starting to wear out. However, I also use them to commute and for a long time, road biking too so I've definitely got my money's worth with those.

re: Best shoe for the $$$$tr
Dec 21, 2001 9:05 PM
I would say there are several good shoes out there. If you have a wide to normal width foot, i like the Carnacs and Times. I have a pair of both (Carnac Lemonds and Time Equipe) and they are very nice and durable shoes). I have a pair of 93 times that i still use in bad weather. I have a pair of Energy Sidi's and they look to be a nice shoe, but haven't used them yet. The sidi's are a size bigger than Carnac and Time for me and i am 10.5 versus 43.5 in Time and Carnac. The sidi's are narrower. In general, you can tell alot about the quality of a shoe by giving it the once over in person. If i had to pick one i would lean to my Time Equipe shoes. A comfortable shoe for me that is not too soft.