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Brake PartsGrant
Dec 17, 2001 6:53 PM
i was given a road bike by one of my friends and i was looking it over and there are some missing parts on the brakes and those levers are about as confusing as ever. I am very new to road biking so any adivce will help. OK on the brake they are campy, there is a micro adjuster just where the housing of the cable ends that should plug into the brake itself, i have missing ones on both the front and the rear. it also has the brake only levers from campolindo and i can't figure out how to make the cable run through it so the brake could even work. if anyone can give me a webpage or give me some of those brake parts i would be happy to part with a few bucks to make this bike usable. Thanks and i have some really nice chain rings for sale. there are 2 of each, 44 tooth, that are blue anodized and 130 spacing i believe, don't fit the campy cranks, brand new in packaging. and also a bigger 2 in silver i can get exact numbers for you if you are interested.
Dec 18, 2001 5:50 AM
Hard to say if the address will have what you need because you didn't identify the model of brakes, etc. However, Campy does keep a substantial amount of technical information on their website.