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Ultegra 6510 STI and Flight Deck Problems!(4 posts)

Ultegra 6510 STI and Flight Deck Problems!eddieH
Dec 16, 2001 3:20 PM
I just got an Ultegra upgrade group (with the newer 6510 shifters) coming from 8 speed 600 stuff, and I'm quite dissatisfied...

The right inner shifter has a lot of resistance in shifting (especially from the largest cogs, 25t) and it feels like there are extra indexes or something around the smallest two cogs (12t and 13t) -is there something wrong or is that just the way they are?

Then there's the flight deck (the new 6501)... the gear indicators never seem to settle on one gear (the rear more so than the front). Sometimes when pressure is applied near the buttons, that causes the gear indicator to shift also. I could have sworn I screwed the sensor piece from the harness in tight enough. What did I do!?!?

I just dropped a lot of hard earned cash on this stuff, and I'm not happy... should i send this stuff back??? please help!!!

Thanks in advance,
Sounds like...Geof
Dec 16, 2001 11:18 PM
You've got some adjustment issues. Or, you have a set of bad shifters (unlikely) Did you set up the system? It's sounds as if your indexing was not completely dialed at the shifter when the cable was tightened. You need to make sure the shifter is at it's very lowest shift before you tension the rear der cable. As for the front, it's basically a friction movement with a click for piece of mind, so there is some tension to get the chain moving. Once again, it sounds as though there is a cable tension problem overall in the system.

The flight deck can be VERY finicky (sp?). It's possible your inserts are too tight. It can take some wiggling and adjustment to dial the system. Once you have it, it's no problem. I really like mine...

Good Luck
re: Ultegra 6510 STI and Flight Deck Problems!markwb
Dec 18, 2001 4:59 AM
I had a problem with my flitedeck not showing the change of gears. I did placed a very thin piece of plastic behind the contacts of the levers. This put enough pressure to create better contact to the wiring harness. Make sure the plactic piece is slightly smaller then the contacts. Mine worked perfectly afterwards. Good Luck.
re: Ultegra 6510 STIChen2
Dec 18, 2001 6:59 PM
It really sounds as if your cable tension is not right. Probably too much tension at the derailleur. Also check your cable routing to make sure the cable is not dragging. Increased tension moves the derailleur to the left, toward the wheel. Decreased tension moves it to the right. You should be able to shift to all cogs smoothly and there should be one click for each cog, and one only. And, of course, the chain needs to be a 9 speed chain.