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mixing campy and shimano(6 posts)

mixing campy and shimanoKam
Dec 15, 2001 11:06 PM
what kind of problems would one expect from mixing campy with shimano stuff? i was thinking of going campy daytona with an ultegra cassette and brakeset. would this cause problems? if not, what are areas where probelms would arise. i'm sure stuff like mixing shifters with ders. would cause some, but besides that, i'm not too sure.
not wise....C-40
Dec 16, 2001 6:00 AM
The cog spacing on shimano 9 speed is 4.32mm. Campy 9 speed cog spacing is 4.55mm. You will never have perfect shifting using a shimano cassette on a campy drivetrain.

The best shifting that you can get requires the rear derailleur to be aligned as closely as possible on the center cog, to distribute the error equally between up shifts and down shifts. The accumulative error will still be 20% in both directions, on the 4th shift. A better solution is to buy a special cassette from excel sports, which has the proper spacing ($100) or stick with all campy parts.

Although you may have reasonable shifting quality using a Shimano cassette with campy 9 speed ergo levers and rear derailleur, a shimano rear derailleur won't work with campy ergo levers. A shimano front derailleur will work with campy ergo levers. The brakes won't cause a problem, although there are differences in the amount of cable pull.

The other issue to consider is the wisdom of buying any new Campy parts that are 9 speed. 10 speed is obviously here to stay. If you want the best campy experience, it's wise to purchase an entire group. The group discount often equates to getting one major component like brakes or crank for free. Buying only part of a group can be more costly in the long run.

My only gripe about the Daytona (now Centaur) group is the odd 111mm bottom bracket spindle that is not compatible with the 102mm length of the chorus and record BB. The Centaur BB is cheap and requires the old-fashioned lockring wrench to install. The chorus and record BB take the same splined installation tool as the cassette lockring.
Dec 16, 2001 9:00 AM
People who love math will tell you that this will never work. They'll tell you how each of the shifts will be off by fractions of a mm and this all adds up to disaster. These are the same people who will tell you they can fit a 27" tire on a 700c rim. But the tolerences just aren't as close as Campy would like you to beleive they are.

The fact is this; you can use a 9 speed Shimano cassette with a 9 speed Campagnolo drivetrain in most cases. Some bikes, particularly those with shorter chainstays, may have problems. But 95% of the time, it will work. And it can work well. Prior to Campy's introduction of the UD cassette, most of the people I set this up for thought it worked better than their all-Campy EXA-Drive system. I would recommend using a Shimano chain as well.
so that's why Campy went 10 speedDog
Dec 16, 2001 10:48 AM
Makes sense, now. Going to 10 speed prevents using a Shimano cassette. Think there might be something to it?

It's possible,TJeanloz
Dec 17, 2001 8:32 AM
It isn't outside the realm of possibility that Campy went 10 speed to make themselves incompatible. More likely they grabbed the opportunity to get a leg up on Shimano.

But interestingly enough, you can get Campagnolo wheels (Neutron with a Shimano freehub body.
no the real reasonREAL MAN
Dec 18, 2001 9:26 AM
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