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Diff b/w 105 and ultegra cranks?(4 posts)

Diff b/w 105 and ultegra cranks?ohio
Dec 14, 2001 4:15 PM
what is the difference between 105 and ultegra doubles? Can't seem to find it in the archives or on Shimano's site. I'm a little worried about this delicate looking no-name crankset I'm using right now, and so I grabbed a splined BB for cheap. Now I'm debating whether Ultegra is worth an extra $20. Appearance I don't care about. Weight only a little bit, and performance/strength/stiffness and durability a lot. It goes on a fixed-gear so shifting doesn't matter.

Also, I asked this before, but does anyone have any suggestions for a pedal that has good cornering clearance and a recessed cleat? It's for fixed gear commuting so easy release would be nice. Thinking frogs, or the old road spd's...
re: Diff b/w 105 and ultegra cranks?Bernie
Dec 15, 2001 4:53 AM
I like the hollow tech 105 crank. It looks nice and I'm sure it works fine. I think you will be happy with either one. I don't there are any real noticable differences.
mainly finish and ringsjw25
Dec 15, 2001 7:47 AM
The alloy might be different as well, but just looking at the weights, I'd go for the 105. You can always upgrade the rings when they wear out.
If you want Ultegra, though, check or for deals - I've seen Ultegra doubles for under $100 recently, and even Ebay is a buyer's market right now.
Bottom line, both should be fine, so follow your wallet.
re: Diff b/w 105 and ultegra cranks?grover
Dec 15, 2001 9:15 PM
I have a 105 double right now. The difference between the 105 crank and the Ultegra crank is the finish, and they also use different chainrings. But I think that you'd be happy with either one. I climb out of the saddle a lot, and the 105 crank is plenty stiff.

Try for Shimano stuff.

As for the pedals, I've started using Frog pedals, and I really like them. I had been using Time ATACs, but sometimes the release wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. The Frogs have a really positive release. I haven't had any problems getting out, and the float - although wierd at first - is really nice when you get used to it.