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need help on headset and fork choices(9 posts)

need help on headset and fork choicesKP
Dec 13, 2001 10:28 PM
hey there...again,
i'm looking for a 1" threadless headset and carbon fork. i was looking at either campy record or cane creek as far as headsets go. are there any other more economical choices out here? i think they both go for about $55 on ebay and supergo. also, i needed a carbon fork for my 59cm frame. i hear a 43mm rake would possible screw up the geometry or handling of the bike. true or not? i was looking at a look lds 2 fork. heard of it? i couldn't find any info on it out there. how about those weyless forks at supergo.
Thanks in advance for help
re: need help on headset and fork choicesRoadfrog
Dec 13, 2001 11:28 PM
I hear the Chris King Headsets are really the way to go... They are expensive though. The Look forks are pretty flexy accordining to others. Unless your really thin, a fork for a 59cm frame might need to be a little more on the stiff side. Good luck, HOP
re: need help on headset and fork choiceskoala
Dec 14, 2001 6:54 AM
Heard bad things about the cane creek headsets from others on this board. I got a record for my 11/8 headtube. Its great and I have used campy headsets before because they are serviceable, last, and are cost effective in the long run. I would have gotten a chorus as it is under 40 dollars but chorus is not available in other than 1 inch. There is only a 2 gram difference in the two and that is because of a titanium screw. I would spend the money difference on a better carbon fork as the fork choice greatly affects the ride and handling of the bike. The reynolds works well for me. If you go with a look fork I think the #3 all carbon has stouter legs to increase stiffness.
Some strange advice...TJeanloz
Dec 14, 2001 7:31 AM
Your questions have not really been answered by the above, so here goes:

A Campagnolo Record or Chorus headset will do everything you ask of it for many years. They're both serviceable, and very high quality. A lot of people bad-mouth Cane Creek (aka Dia-Compe)- but give them some credit, they invented the A-Headset. Most of the Cane Creek designs that have problems do because they are pushing the envelope of light weight or head tube integration. Their regular old headsets aren't half bad. But given the choice with Campy- I'd take the Campy.

As for fork rake, a 43mm rake could mess up the handling of your bike. It might not. It depends what your bike was designed for. Bianchi, for example, has designed all of their sizes to work with a 43mm rake. We can give you a better idea if we know exactly what make and model your bike is.

As for forks the Look LDS2 is a chromoly steerered fork, and is not, contrary to other's statements, flexy. It is a good quality carbon fork without a carbon steerer- which is getting tough to find these days.
Some strange advice...peloton
Dec 14, 2001 8:19 AM
Add some to the Cane Creek C-2- A lot of people complain of the headset being hard to adjust out of the box. Either too loose, or steering is tight and rough. I have found that a lot of Cane Creek headsets come very dry from the factory. Gently pry the seals up on the bearings, and re-pack them with grease. The headset will be far smoother and easier to adjust after that. That said, I don't think you can go wrong with the Campy headset, it's good stuff. Aside from that, I think TJeanloz is right on the money.
the frame is
Dec 14, 2001 7:44 PM
59cm ellsworth flight. i was thinking 43mm rake, but i couldn't find any info on ellsworth's website. i'm gonna look abit more around the net, hopefully i can find an answer.
fork rake...C-40
Dec 16, 2001 6:19 AM
The Ellsworth site lists the head tube angle as a steep 74 degrees, which will make for some pretty quick steering.

The more rake added to this steep head tube angle, the faster the steering will be. A 40mm rake will increase trail, and slow the steering a bit. Unless crit racing is your main activity, a 40mm rake would be best.

Most manufacturer's lean toward slower steering geometry. Litespeed for example, uses a 73 degree head tube angle and a 40mm rake on this size frame.
re: need help on headset and fork choicesBernie
Dec 14, 2001 3:43 PM
King makes the best headset out there. The one inch whole sale cost is 72 dollors, so try to bargin from there. I like my alpha q carbon fork, the ouzo pro is also nice, but those forks are expensive. You can buy a less expensive fork, like the ones massed produced with aluminum crowns. They might not be as safe, but you'll still probably love it. Alpha q which has been recently sold, is going to be coming out with a straight bladed fork that is under 300 grams. Although that I heard is going to whole sale for 240, so that fork is going to cost close to 400. Performance has fork up grade packages that are cheap. Many choices out there.
Stronglight DeltaKerry Irons
Dec 14, 2001 5:02 PM
about $40, very light, and roller bearings that last forever. Other than that, nothing going for it.