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Another Wheelset Question(11 posts)

Another Wheelset Questionsgray8110
Dec 11, 2001 11:46 PM
I'm just looking for some help on choosing a new road wheelset. The Mavic CXP-21's that came with my bike have just outlived their life for me and I've got to get something new.. and better. I'm not racing so weight isn't terribly important but I want something relatively light because I climb a lot. Regardless, I'm more concerned with the wheel staying true under normal conditions. I'm 6'1 and 190 so I need something relatively strong. Ideally I'm looking for something between 200-350 for the set. I can go higher, but I'm also getting a new fork and I don't want to spend more than $600 total.. once I start looking that high, I might as well splurge and get a new bike.
I just can't make up my mind.. I've looked into the Mavic Cosmos and the Open Pro's with Ultegra hubs. Haven't heard a bad thing about either option there, but both wheelsets supposedly weigh more than my CXP-21's with RSX hubs?? How can that be, those are 3 years old and were cheap then. I've also looked into the Bontrager wheelset that my LBS is trying to get me to buy.. he talks them up well, but I can't find a review of any of Bontrager new wheels. I've evene looked at some Rolf and Formula sets for a moment although I can get good prices, I'm not enthusiastic about the inconsistent reports I get about the durability. Any suggestions?
re: Another Wheelset QuestionDrD
Dec 12, 2001 4:10 AM
You could get a set of Open Pro's with DuraAce hubs in your price range (~$325 w/14-15db spokes) from Colorado Cyclist or Excel sports.

For forks - I noticed that Supergo has Look HSC-1's with a 1" steerer on sale for $179 - might be worth checking it out...
re: Another Wheelset Questionpmf1
Dec 12, 2001 5:14 AM
I can't believe that an Open Pro / Ultegra hub wheel set would weigh more than what you have. This does not seem possible.

In you price range, this is what I'd consider. You could boost the hubs to Dura Ace or something more fancy for around $300. Ultegra hubs are perfectly good though. Places like Colorado Cyclist and Excel build nice versions of this wheel if you dan't have a LBS that you like. They'll charge less for built the wheel than the components sell for.

American Classic sells a pre-built wheel that is lighter than this for around $350. These probably wouldn't be as strong, but I doubt you'd have problems with them. I'm in your weight class and I ride wheels like them all the time with no problems. If you're in the market for a climbing type wheel, these might be worth checking out.
Perhaps Proton?McAndrus
Dec 12, 2001 6:26 AM
I might suggest Campagnolo Protons, which are available with Shimano compatible hubs. Excel is selling them for $369.90 - a little above your limit, I know. in the UK has them for 199 Pounds, or $287 at the current exchange rate.

I've been riding Protons since last spring - maybe 5,000 miles. They've held up wonderfully, not a wobble yet. I'm 5'11" and 163 lbs (should be 155 but, hey, it's Christmas season!)

Protons are a reasonable compromise for weight and price - they weigh 1706 grams for the pair
Dec 12, 2001 8:55 AM
I have fewer miles than you on my Protons, but weigh a little more - 180 on my scale. They have held up very well and feel quick and lively on the road. I think they need a special tool for truing which adds a little to the cost, but I've been very pleased with the performance and value.
ProtonsJack S
Dec 12, 2001 9:12 AM
$6 tool to true... big whoop. the real pain is that the nipples are inside the rim. but in 3 years I have never had to true my protons or electrons
Glad to hear it's so cheap.dzrider
Dec 12, 2001 9:27 AM
Haven't needed it yet, but Campy makes some pretty pricey stuff so there's reason to be fearful.
not a Campy toolJack S
Dec 12, 2001 1:14 PM
special thin wall 5.5mm nutdriver
another alternativeKEN2
Dec 12, 2001 11:06 AM
No one has spoken for the Mavic Cosmos, so I will. I upgraded old RX100 hubs/Mavic CXP 10 rims to these a while ago, and they are definitely lighter and seem just as strong if not more. Plus they have straight pull spokes (don't know about you but every time I break a spoke it's at the J-bend) that use a standard truing tool. The Cosmos rim is very similar (same?) to the Open Pro that everyone on this board is so fond of, and the Mavic hubs are smooth and light. They look sharp too (I got the black/yellow to go with a similar color bike).

I got mine sent to me in the U.S. from in England for $218 + shipping in a week. BTW I'm also 6'1" and 192 lbs.
Price updateKEN2
Dec 12, 2001 11:09 AM
Just noticed that (also in England) has the Cosmos for $178.40!
re: Another Wheelset QuestionSub
Dec 13, 2001 10:12 AM
I have had the cosmos that came on my GT ZR 2 for about 5 mos. now and they seem like a good wheel and look good. I have a set of ksyriums on the way though, if your looking for some cosmos, mine are in perfect shape and would sell. email me if your interested.