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Look Ergo Stem(14 posts)

Look Ergo Stemcincy1
Dec 11, 2001 9:49 AM
Anyone out there used a Look Ergo Stem? I'm a tough fit for any standard size stem. My comfort level changes during the riding season with my current set up. The prospect of almost unlimited adjustability seems appealing. Is there a downside to this device? Will it stay put when it's dialed in?
Friend has one--heavy & expensive, but it works (nm)cory
Dec 11, 2001 10:03 AM
re: Look Ergo Stembn
Dec 11, 2001 11:51 AM
Yes, they stay put. Wanna buy one (quill)?
re: Look Ergo StemCincy1
Dec 11, 2001 12:00 PM
Sorry, I need a threadless. Why are you selling?
re: Look Ergo Stembn
Dec 11, 2001 1:39 PM
don't need it anymore... used it to set up one bike and find a position on another. Great shape, 3 months of use maybe.
Dec 11, 2001 12:11 PM
It's heavy as sin, looks like hell, and will NOT hold a setting. It's good for figuring out what you want to buy, but that's it. It gets really exciting when descending at speed and you happen to hit bump - the handle bars move down. You'd be better served by having a couple stems with removable faces that you can swap around during the season.
yeah! get a Ritchey!nanana
Dec 11, 2001 1:02 PM
Again, you show that you don't know what you are talking about. Nobody saif they were light, or pretty. They hold if you tighten them enough. The most common use is for dialing in position. Remember, they came along way before threadless and ope-face stems. If you used a quill stem it was a good option.
Dec 11, 2001 4:17 PM
Yeah, but the poster was asking about running this thing as their one and only stem. Just b/c they came along before something else doesn't meant they''re a great idea. I fully acknowledged that for getting dialed in they work well. They WILL slip if you ride them long enough - I was always tightening the thing up. I ran the thing for about 4 mos. before I settled on my beloved Ritchey Pro. Sigh. Anyone who runs one of these things usually can't make up their mind, is unwilling to commit. or won't face the fact that they're not as limber as they'd like to think. Even a piggy Cinelli Alter looks better in this light. So how is it that I don't know what I'm talking about, given that I've experienced the product?

Again you show that you don't read. You're still sore from our last little debate.
Are you referring to me?Little Pooter
Dec 13, 2001 10:50 AM
I had nothing to do with this post, I happen to agree with you on this one. Leave my piggy out of this.

If I make a comment, I'll be accountable for it.
re: Look Ergo Stemtrx0x
Dec 11, 2001 12:50 PM
i've been using the ergostem for the past 6 years, since it came with my frame. works great...just be sure to tighten it! i think most people have problems with it because they just don't tighten it enough. it's great because it allows me to change my position as the season goes on, and for time trials. and since it has graduated marks on it, once you find a position, you can always get that position back. the downside is that it is a bit heavy, but i'd trade weight for adjustability any day.
re: Look Ergo StemSpox
Dec 12, 2001 1:02 AM
I've seen many track racers use it too; I bet trackies need to get it tight enough...I have Ahead-type Look w/ track racing bar and 3T BioArms in tt use. That way I can have normal road frame as a spare, if shit happends in road race, but I can get very good tt-position. And weight is pretty close to real tt-bars.

It is also good in training season to adjust it fast, if your back or butt or else is sore from hard training week.
re: Look Ergo StemProboscis
Dec 12, 2001 3:59 AM
I have two. One on my regular road bike, and one for my Wife's road bike. Yes they are heavy, but they most definately work, and have not been able to destroy one yet. I used one of them on my Tri bike, then had a custom stem made once I found the right place for the bars.
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Dec 12, 2001 6:31 AM
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Dec 12, 2001 6:46 AM
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