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SPD-style road pedals for mtn. bike converters(4 posts)

SPD-style road pedals for mtn. bike convertersMarlon
Dec 9, 2001 12:36 AM
Ack, haven't posted to in a while...

Well, I took the plunge and bought a mountain bike because of the girlfriend (she's a mountain biker). In retaliation, I've managed to convert her to become a roadie, and I've even helped her get a Trek 1200 (it's the only thing in her price point). The problem now is acquiring decent beginner road pedals for her.

Because we're looking to save on money but she'd like to use her bike to do triathlons and eventually road race, we're going to try for mountain SPD-compatible cleat systems, but one-sided road pedals. Since she'd like to get new pedals, I'm seriously considering the bottom-end Shimano A-515 pedals that the shop is offering - we're getting them for $50 USD, a fairly decent price. I've heard about Ritchy Road Logic pedals as another alternative, but there's been a number of bad reviews. Last, I've tried the ICON OEM pedals that used to come on Trek bikes, and they're fine, but I'm having a hard time finding them now.

The big question? Is getting the single-sided SPD pedals a waste of my time, and should I just hunker down and tell her to get some cheap Shimano or Ritchey Logic double-sided SPDs? At this point, she can't afford buying Look or Time pedal systems due to cleat, shoe, and pedal costs. What do you think?


- Marlon
re: SPD-style road pedals for mtn. bike converterstubs
Dec 9, 2001 4:23 AM
Well I have been down this road myself from every direction, and have had just about every pedal system going. I have found them all seriously flawed in at least one area except for one. Crank Bros. Eggbeater! Smooth, light, stiff, hugely reliable, FOUR entry points, and pure silk exit entry feel. Use them with decent European MTB shoes such as Sidi. These are no more than road race shoes with blocks glued onto the soles. Cleat is Spd sole compatible. Got mine from Supergo for $99. Point is, they are probably the only pedal you will ever need. Single sided Spd pedals are ok, they keep the image pure, but they are not simple to enter owing to being awkward to flip. The only ones I have ever had that 'hung' properly were Shimano Ultegra.......pricey and heavy, and now real hard to find. The bottom end Shimano A 515 does not! They will also prove noisy on a road bike unless you grease the cleats. In terms of single sided Spd compat. pedals that are FAIRLY fault free......get the VP 102. You will probably find them difficult to locate in the US, but you can buy them online from here in UK. their service is v. good. These are a copy of the original Dura-Ace Spd's, sub 300 gm, and should fit into your $50 budget. Only problem with them is they do not 'hang' properly, making entry fiddly sometimes. Bearings are superb. Good luck, but if you can live with the impure image...get Eggbeaters.
My recommendation...TJohn
Dec 9, 2001 2:11 PM
is to forget about getting the single-sided spd road pedal. If cost is a factor, and you mentioned that it is, then put on an old pair of mtb spds or buy a cheap pair of wellgo or ritchey mtb pedals until you have the money to get into a set of looks. I have the Ritchey Road Logic Pros and have regrets. I should have just went for it and gotten Looks to begin with but I decided to stick with spd pedals. The Road Logics work fine once your foot is in the pedal but the cleat/pedal interface is so small and the pedal doesn't always "hang" in the right position, that it is a pain in the a$$ to get into. Half the time I find myself looking down to set the pedal up in the right postion instead of looking at the road and the traffic ahead. I am currently looking into getting a set of looks.
re: SPD-style road pedals for mtn. bike convertersfatnacker
Jan 3, 2002 5:27 AM
Vps are great i have 2 sorts of double sided mtb pedals and 162 road versions & i havent changed a cleat in 4 years, plus they are well cheap and dont fall apart