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Wobbly 105/Velomax cassette/hub?(4 posts)

Wobbly 105/Velomax cassette/hub?Todd
Dec 8, 2001 8:29 PM
My 105 cassette mounted on a Velomax Circuit Comp hub(all pretty new) wobbles in and out some. I removed the cassette and spun and checked the freehub and everything seemed ok other than a slight "pulsing" when freewheeling. I reinstalled the cassette but the cassette still wobbles. I'm stumped.
Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
re: Wobbly 105/Velomax cassette/hub?KStone
Dec 9, 2001 4:22 AM
There is a thin washer attached to the cassette nut that can move off center upon tightening. This condition puts uneven pressure on the cassette and can cause wobbling.

I usually discard this washer as I see no reason for it and have experienced no bad effects. I do see that removing the nut could be more difficult without the washer if the nut were overtightened when installed.
2 pointsKerry Irons
Dec 9, 2001 12:51 PM
1. Some wobble is to be expected, more as you go lower in component lines

2. Sometimes you get confused by the shifting ramps on the cogs - it looks like wobble but when you hold something rigid next to the cogs, they aren't really wobbling.
re: Wobbly 105/Velomax cassette/hub?Bernie
Dec 9, 2001 1:15 PM
There is a bit of play built into your cassette body. A little bit of play is normal. Although I've seen factory built bikes with loose cassettes. I've seen lock rings that did not work. Then you would notice that the individual teeth/rings of your cassette are loose.