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Ti Replacement Bolts ... Please enlighten me(2 posts)

Ti Replacement Bolts ... Please enlighten memantissa
Dec 8, 2001 3:44 PM
I feel like I should know the answer to this, but could someone go into detail on what exactly is meant when people say they got the "Ti hardware replacement kit for my grouppo", or "replaced all my bolts with Ti" etc. etc.?

Is there actually some complete kit you can purchase from Shimano or Campy to replace various bolts in your components, or do you have to collect them more or less here and there? how do you know which ones you can replace and how to get a compatible bolt. Any recommended source for buying such stuff?

Any idea how much weight this really ends up saving? Feel free to share any info and experience on the topic. I've just always wondered...

Dec 8, 2001 5:44 PM
you can get full kits from, as well as individual bolts to fit almost everything on the bike. srp tends to be very pricey. esp. for the kits. is a better source for ti and aluminum bolts nut. cheaper. you can save a decent amount of weight, but the cost to benefit ratio is pretty high.
alu sor some stuff is fine strength wise, and cheaper. if you use either, be sure to use anti-sieze on the threads, and follow torque specs. the tcr team in the photo gallery is mine, and i've over time gathered alot of ti and alu hardware. saved maybe 1/2 a pound. just depend on how much you want to pay....