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Mavic cosmos or Velomax Circuit comps(4 posts)

Mavic cosmos or Velomax Circuit compsEllen
Dec 8, 2001 7:27 AM
I'm looking to upgrade to some lighter weight training wheels, and don't want to spend more than around $400. I'm looking at the Mavic Cosmos and the Velomax Circuit Comps (lowest end velomax set). Does anyone have any particularly good or bad thoughts about these wheels? Will be using them for training.
re: Mavic cosmos or Velomax Circuit compsCrash
Dec 8, 2001 11:48 AM
I've never ridden Cosmos, but I currently have Ksyriums. I finally had a chance to ride Circuit comps this last week. Very good looking wheel (IMO), very stiff and lighter than you would think. Only spent about an hour on them, but didn't seem to be much different than the 'K''s. Very impressive, especially if you can buy them with the 'Pit Stop' deal where they give you the rim tape, tubes and Axial pros (no Velomax wheels come with skewers though).
The only problem with Velomax is that they are not Campy compatible unless you use a non Campy (Mavic ?) cassette.
re: Mavic cosmos or Velomax Circuit compsRaiderMike
Dec 8, 2001 12:12 PM
I have never ridden either of these wheels, but I did notice that has the Cosmos for $185. I ordered a set of shimano R-535 wheels from them for $160 it is in Ireland so I was a little weary but the price I was quoted was the price charged to my card and I ordered them on a Thurs. and recieved them on the Wed. after, no tax, and only $18 shipping. If you become a member which doesnt cost anything but an e mail address they knocked another $5 off my wheels. Good people in my opinion.
re: Mavic cosmos or Velomax Circuit compszeke
Dec 10, 2001 6:27 AM
i had a choice between the mavic cosmos or the velomax comps. i chose the cosmos for price and the strong reviews they received at this and other sites. the velomax seem to require a bit of difficult maintenance. if i remember correctly, the bearings dont pop out as a set, they are individually set in and cause some trouble for the user. in short they usually need to be taken to a lbs for work. the cosmos are 150g heavier.