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Bottom Bracket Assembly(2 posts)

Bottom Bracket Assemblyroadcycle
Dec 8, 2001 1:36 AM

On my 2001 road bike with ultegra components, the bottom bracket is installed with two metall rings (washers) between its right cup and the frame threads.
This is how the LBS originally assembled it.
Didn't see this kind of assembly on other bikes of the same brand & model.
Any one has any idea why it is assembled like that ?
Could it it bee an LBS improvized sollution for hiding a thread problem on the frame or the bottom bracket ?
Any oppinions from those who encauntered the same problem will be much appreciated.

re: Bottom Bracket AssemblyRusty Coggs
Dec 8, 2001 6:38 AM
It may have been done to improve chainline, or to eleminate chainrub when in certain gear combinations.Why doncha ask THEM?